BP109P Pharmaceutics I Practical

Pharmaceutics I Practical PCI Syllabus

BP109P Pharmaceutics I Practical syllabus

1 . Syrups
a) Syrup IP’66
b) Compound syrup of Ferrous Phosphate BPC’68

  1. Elixirs : a) Piperazine citrate elixir b) Paracetamol pediatric elixir
  2. Linctus : a) Terpin Hydrate Linctus IP’66
  3. Solutions
    a) Iodine Throat Paint (Mandles Paint)
    b) Strong solution of ammonium acetate
    c) Cresol with soap solution
    d) Lugol’s solution / Aqueous Iodine Solution IP 66
  4. Suspensions
    a) Calamine lotion
    b) Magnesium Hydroxide mixture
    c) Aluminium hydroxide gel
  5. Emulsions : a) Turpentine Liniment
    b) Liquid paraffin emulsion
  6. Powders and Granules
    a) ORS powder (WHO)
    b) Effervescent granules
    c)Dusting powder
    d)Divided powders
  7. Suppositories
    a) Glycero gelatin suppository
    b) Coca butter suppository
    c) Zinc Oxide suppository
  8. Semisolids
    a) Sulphur ointment
    b) Non staining-iodine ointment with methyl salicylate
    c) Carbopal gel
  9. Gargles and Mouthwashes
    a) Iodine gargle
    b) Chlorhexidine mouthwash
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