Calamine lotion


IngredientsQty GivenQty TakenActivity
Calamine 150 gmProtectant
Zinc oxide 50 gm
Bentonite 30 gmFlocculating agent
Sodium citrate 5 gmDeflocculating agent
Liquefied phenol 5 mlpreservative 
Glycerin 50 mlemollient
Purified water freshly boiled   and cooledq.s to 1000 mlVehicle


Calamine, zinc oxide and bentonite was triturated with a solution of sodium citrate.

Liquefied phenol, glycerine and sufficient purified water was added to produce 1000 ml.


Calamine is zinc oxide with small amount of ferric oxide. Both are indiffusible solids, so bentonite is added as thickening agent which causes flocculation of calamine. However the preparation becomes viscous and is difficult to pour from bottle. Sodium citrate is added to cause partial deflocculation of calamine and makes preparation pourable. Liquefied phenol is used as preservative and glycerol is used as emollient.


Topical Protective

Container & storage:

Well closed container, Keep away from light.

Labeling direction: 

For External Use Only. 

Apply to skin as required and allow to dry.

Shake well before use.

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