Liquid Paraffin Emulsion


IngredientsQty GivenQty TakenActivity
Liquid paraffin 500 mlLaxative
Acacia 10xPrimary Emulsifier
Tragacanth xSecondary Emulsifier
Sodium benzoate5 gmPreservative
Vanillin 0.5 gmFlavouring agent
Glycerin 125 mlViscosity builder
Chloroform 2.5 mlPreservative
Purified waterq.s to 1000 mlq.s to 20 mlVehicle


The mortar and pestle was flamed.

Primary emulsion was prepared by taking oil, water and gum in the ratio of 3:2:1(Mineral oil).

Triturate in one direction only.

Sodium benzoate was dissolved in water.

Sodium benzoate solution, vanillin, chloroform, glycerin was added to the primary emulsion and triturated.

Volume made up with purified water.


10-30 ml


Faecal softener/ Laxative

Container & Storage:

Store in well closed container, away from light.

Labeling Direction:

Shake well before use. Discard if two layers are seen.

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