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Carbopol Gel Pharmaceutics I Practical

Carbopol Gel Pharmaceutics I Practical

Aim: Preparation and Evaluation of Carbopol Gel

Glassware’s: Beaker, glass rod, collapsible aluminium tube etc. Formula:

IngredientsQty givenQty taken 
Propylene glycol20g Humectant
Carbopol 9341g Gelling polymer
Triethanolamineq.s. pH 7 pH adjuster
Purified waterq.s. to 100 Vehicle

Procedure: Carbopol was soaked in 3/4th quantity of water and kept aside for 30 mins. Then propylene glycol was added and pH adjusted up to 7 with triethanolamine. The gel was filled in collapsible aluminium tubes.

Theory: Carbopol is a synthetic polyacrylic acid with ionizable carboxyl groups. It swells when dispersed in water and hydration helps in the uncoiling of the polymeric chain. In presence of alkali, carboxylate anions (COO‾) are generated on the backbone of the polymeric chain which repels from each other and these repulsive forces further help in the extension of polymeric chains. Thus it gives higher viscosity in presence of alkaline pH 7-8

Category: Non medicated gel

Labelling direction: For External Use Only. Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not freeze.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

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First Year B Pharm Notes, Syllabus, Books, PDF Subjectwise/Topicwise

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