BP110P Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Practical

BP110P Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Practical syllabus

I Limit tests for following ions

Limit test for Chlorides and Sulphates
Modified limit test for Chlorides and Sulphates
Limit test for Iron
Limit test for Heavymetals
Limit test for Lead
Limit test for Arsenic

II Identification test

Magnesium hydroxide
Ferrous sulphate
Sodium bicarbonate
Calcium gluconate
Copper sulphate

III Test for purity

Swelling power of Bentonite
Neutralizing capacity of aluminum hydroxide gel
Determination of potassium iodate and iodine in potassium Iodide

IV Preparation of inorganic pharmaceuticals

Boric acid
Potash alum
Ferrous sulphate

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  7. Indian Pharmacopoeia



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