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Compound syrup of Ferrous Phosphate BPC’68

Compound syrup of Ferrous Phosphate BPC’68

Aim: Preparation and Evaluation of Compound syrup of Ferrous Phosphate BPC’68

Glassware: Conical flask, beaker, mortar & pestle, glass rod, water bath, tripod stand glass bottle etc.


IngredientsQuantity GivenQuantity TakenActivity
Iron4.3g Preparation of Ferrous acid phosphate of
Phosphoric acid48 ml 
Calcium carbonate13.6g Preparation of acid phosphates of calcium, potassium and sodium
Potassium carbonate1g 
Sodium Phosphate1g 
Cochineal3.5g Colouring agent
Sucrose700g Syrup base
Orange Flower water50 ml Flavouring agent
Purified Water1000 mlq.s to 15 mlVehicle

Time needed: 1 hour

How to prepare Compound syrup of Ferrous Phosphate?

  1. Take ingredients

    The iron wire was taken in small pieces in a conical flask. Further half the quantity of phosphoric acid and 25 ml of water was added

  2. Heating

    The solution was heated in a water bath most importantly till the iron dissolved.

  3. Trituration

    After that, Calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate & Sodium Phosphate was triturated with remaining Phosphoric acid and 80 ml of purified water.

  4. Mixing and filtration

    The solution of iron prepared in the first step was mixed with this slurry. After that, The mixture was filtered.

  5. Boiling

    Cochineal was boiled with 375 ml of water for 15 min. In addition, sucrose was added. after that solution was again boiled for 15 min. Meanwhile, the solution was cooled, strained using a muslin cloth

  6. Mixing both solutions

    The coloured syrup was combined with Iron and calcium solution obtained in stages 1 and 2. Similarly, orange flower water was added and volume adjusted with purified water

What is the Category, Labelling direction and storage of Compound syrup of Ferrous Phosphate

Category: Used in deficiency of Iron and Calcium

Labeling direction:
Iron: 0.4- 0.45 % w/v calculated as Fe
Calcium: 0.5-0.58% w/v calculated as Ca

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place in an airtight container

Ferrous Phosphate Syrup BPC ’68 is a type of iron supplement that is used to treat iron-deficiency anemia. Anemia is a condition in which the body does not have enough red blood cells, which can result in fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms.

Ferrous phosphate is an iron salt that is easily absorbed by the body, making it a good choice for treatment of iron-deficiency anemia. The syrup form of the medication is convenient and easy to take, and it is usually taken orally.

It is important to follow the instructions provided by a healthcare provider when taking Ferrous Phosphate Syrup BPC ’68. Overuse of iron supplements can lead to iron toxicity, which can be harmful to the body. It is also important to inform a healthcare provider of any other medications or supplements being taken, as iron supplements can interact with certain medications.

As with any medication, it is important to be aware of possible side effects and to seek medical attention if any unusual symptoms occur.

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What is the role of Cochineal in Compound syrup of Ferrous Phosphate?

Colouring agent

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