Glycero Gelatin Suppository


IngredientsQuantity GivenQuantity TakenActivity
Gelatin14 partsSuppository base
Glycerine70 parts
Water16 parts


The mould was lubricated with Liquid Paraffin and kept in inverted position on ice for some time.

Glycerol was heated to 100° c. (Avoid direct heating). 

Gelatin was previously soaked in water, hot glycerine was added to the soaked gelatin and heated on a water bath until solution was complete.

The hot mass was poured into the chilled mould with stirring.

The mould was left on ice for 30 minutes. Excess was scraped off.

The mould was unscrewed, separated into two halves to remove the suppositories.

Suppositories were removed and packed in box lined by means of separators.

Container / Storage :

Store in cool and dry place.

Labeling Direction :

For rectal use only

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