Strong solution of ammonium acetate


IngredientsQty givenQty takenActivity
Glacial acetic acid453 gIn situ ammonium acetate formation.
Ammonium  bicarbonate470 g
Ammonium solution strong100 ml or q.sNeutralizing agent
Purified Waterq.s to 1000 ml


Glacial acetic acid, ammonium bicarbonate was mixed in 350 ml of purified water.

Strong ammonia solution was added to the above solution until a drop of resulting solution when added to 10 drops of water  and one drop of bromothymol blue gave a full blue colour and one drop tested with to 10 drops of water   and one drop of thymol blue gave a full yellow colour.

The solution was diluted with water to make up the volume. Solution was filled in lead free glass container.


Mild expectorant, diaphoretic and diuretic


1 to 5 ml.


Store in cool, dry place.

Labeling Direction:

Ammonium acetate 55 to 60 % W/V


Ammonium acetate is prepared in situ by a chemical reaction.

NH4 H CO3  +CH3 COOH                   CH3 COONH4  + CO2   +     H2O

 Excess acid is added which is not completely neutralized, dilute solutions are used to give a faster reaction to obtain solution of desired strength. Ammonia is added to obtain a condition of complete neutralization. (pH 7 to 8).      

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