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Non-staining-iodine ointment with methyl salicylate

Non staining-iodine ointment with methyl salicylate

Aim: Preparation and Evaluation of Non-staining-iodine ointment with methyl salicylate

Glassware’s: Glass vial, water bath, ointment slab and spatula, wide-mouth glass bottle etc.


IngredientsQuantity GivenQuantity Taken
Iodine (5%W/W)50g Analgesic (counter- irritant)
Arachis oil150ml Ointment base
Yellow soft paraffinq.s to 1000g Ointment base

Procedure: Iodine was taken in a glass mortar, powdered completely. Arachis oil was added and triturated. The mixture was transferred to a vial, PVC liner was added rubber closure was added and the vial was crimped using an aluminium cap. The vial was placed on a water bath for 1 hour and shaken occasionally. After the reaction was completed contents of the vial was transferred to a beaker. The required quantity of yellow soft paraffin (by calculation) was mixed with iodised oil and congealed.

Theory: Iodine due to staining has poor consumer acceptability. When Iodine is combined with Arachis oil it binds at the double bond present in the free fatty acids

i.e. oleic acid and linoleic acid to form a non-staining product


Arachis Oil                                                            Di iodostearic acid


IngredientsQty givenQty taken
  Methyl salicylate (5%w/w)  50gAnalgesic (counter- irritant)
Non staining iodine ointmentq.s to 1000gBase

Procedure: Methyl salicylate was triturated with a given weight of Non-staining iodine ointment at room temperature.

Category: Analgesic (counter-irritant)

Labelling Direction: Apply with friction on intact skin. Replace cap tightly after use.

Storage: Keep away from light. Store in a cool and dry place

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