Piperazine citrate elixir BPC

Piperazine citrate elixir BPC

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IngredientsQuantity given Quantity taken Activity
Piperazine citrate BPC187.5gAnthelmintic
Syrup I.P500mlSweetener
Glycerine100mlViscosity builder, preservative, co-solvent
Green-S &Tartarazine solution15mlColorant
Peppermint oil5mlFlavoring agent
Waterq.s to 1000mlVehicle

Procedure: Piperazine citrate was dissolved in parts of purified water and Green-S &Tartarazine solution, glycerine, syrup, and peppermint oil were added. Sufficient water was added to make up the volume.

Category: Anthelmintic.


For threadworms 4-15 ml in divided doses,

For roundworm 30 ml as a single dose


Store in a well-closed container in a cool, dry place.