November 29, 2023

Assay of Ibuprofen by Alkalimetry: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical

Assay of Ibuprofen by Alkalimetry: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical

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To perform the Assay of Ibuprofen IP by Alkalimetry


Burette (50ml), pipette (10ml&25ml), beaker (100ml), conical flask (250 ml), measuring cylinder (100ml), glass funnel (small) etc.


Ibuprofen, ethanol, Sodium hydroxide, (apporx.1M), phenolphthalein.


Standardization of sodium hydroxide.

1. Weigh accurately 5g of potassium hydrogen phthalate.

2. Dissolve it in 75ml of carbon dioxide-free water.

3. Add 0.1ml of phenolphthalein solution as an indicator.

4. Fill the burette with the given sodium hydroxide solution.

5. Remove the air bubble and adjust the zero level.

6. Titrate the solution in a conical flask by running the solution from the burette till the colour changes from colourless to pink.

7. Report the reading by repeating it three times and calculating the molarity of sodium hydroxide.


Transfer accurately about 0.38 g powdered tablet that is equivalent to 0.2 g of ibuprofen into a conical flask.

Add 25 ml of ethanol then shake for 5 minutes and filter.

Titrate the filtrate against 0.1 N NaOH volumetric solution using phenol red as an indicator

Assay procedure:

Weigh accurately about 0.4 g of ibuprofen dissolved in 100 ml with ethanol (96%) previously neutralized to phenolphthalein solution. The solution was titrated with 0.1M sodium hydroxide to an endpoint with phenolphthalein solution as the indicator. The content of ibuprofen was calculated if each ml of 0.1M sodium hydroxide is equivalent to 0.02063 g of C13H18O2.

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