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20221 PGT Pharmacology Theory D Pharm

Pharmacology Theory D Pharm

Chapter 1 General Pharmacology

Introduction and scope of Pharmacology
Various routes of drug administration – advantages and disadvantages
Drug absorption: Definition, Types, and factors  affecting drug absorption
Bioavailability and the factors affecting bioavailability
Drug  distribution: Definition,  factors  affecting  drug distribution
Biotransformation of drugs – Definition, types of biotransformation reactions, factors influencing drug metabolisms
Excretion of drugs – Definition, routes of drug excretion
General mechanisms of  drug action and factors modifying drug action

Chapter 2 Drugs Acting on the Peripheral Nervous System

Steps involved in the neurohumoral transmission

Definition, classification, pharmacological actions, dose, indications, and contraindications of

Cholinergic drugs

Anti-Cholinergic drugs

Adrenergic drugs

Anti-adrenergic drugs

Neuromuscular blocking agents

Drugs used in Myasthenia gravis

Local anaesthetic agents

Non-Steroidal  Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Chapter 3 Drugs Acting on the Eye

Definition,  classification, pharmacological actions, dose, indications and contraindications of



Drugs used in Glaucoma

Chapter 4 Drugs Acting on the Central Nervous System

Definition,  classification,  pharmacological  actions,  dose, indications, and contraindications of

General anaesthetics

Hypnotics and sedatives

Anti-Convulsant drugs

Anti-anxiety drugs

Anti-depressant drugs


Nootropic agents

Centrally acting muscle relaxants

Opioid analgesics

Chapter 5 Drugs Acting on the Cardiovascular System

Definition,  classification, pharmacological actions, dose, indications, and contraindications of

Anti-hypertensive drugs

Anti-anginal drugs

Anti-arrhythmic drugs

Drugs used in atherosclerosis and

Congestive heart failure

Drug therapy for shock

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Chapter 6 Drugs Acting on Blood and Blood Forming Organs

Definition,  classification, pharmacological actions, dose, indications, and contraindications of

Hematinic agents


Anti-platelet agents

Thrombolytic drugs

Chapter 7

Definition,  classification, pharmacological actions, dose, indications, and contraindications of



Anti-tussive agents

Mucolytic agents

Chapter 8 Drugs Acting on the Gastro-Intestinal Tract

Definition,  classification, pharmacological actions, dose, indications, and contraindications of

Anti-ulcer drugs


Laxatives and purgatives

Anti-diarrheal drugs

Chapter 9 Drugs Acting on the Kidney

Definition,  classification, pharmacological  actions, dose, indications, and contraindications of



Chapter 10 Hormones and Hormone Antagonists

Physiological and pathological role and clinical uses of

Thyroid hormones

Anti-thyroid drugs



Vitamin D


Oral hypoglycemic agents





Chapter 11 Autocoids

The physiological role of Histamine, 5 HT and Prostaglandins

Classification, clinical uses, and  adverse effects of antihistamines and 5 HT antagonists

Chapter 12 Chemotherapeutic Agents

Introduction, basic principles of chemotherapy of infections, infestations and neoplastic diseases, Classification, dose, indication and contraindications of drugs belonging to following classes:








Anti-tubercular drugs

Anti-fungal drugs

Anti-viral drugs

Anti-amoebic agents


Anti-malarial agents

Anti-neoplastic agents

Chapter 13 Biologicals

Definition, Types, and indications of biological agents with examples

F Y D Pharm & S Y D Pharm Notes, Books, Syllabus, PDF, Videos

First Year D PharmSecond Year D Pharm
20111 PHT Pharmaceutics Theory20221 PGT Pharmacology Theory
20051 PHP Pharmaceutics Practical20056 PGP Pharmacology Practical
20112 PCT Pharmaceutical Chemistry Theory20222 CMT Community Pharmacy & Management Theory
20052 PCP Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical20057 CMP Community Pharmacy & Management Practical
20113 PYT Pharmacognosy Theory20223 BCT Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Theory
20053 PYP Pharmacognosy Practical20058 BCP Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Practical
20114 HPT Human Anatomy Physiology Theory20224 PTT Pharmacotherapeutics Theory
20054 HPP Human Anatomy Physiology Practical20059 PTP Pharmacotherapeutics Practical
20115 SPT Social Pharmacy Theory20225 HCT Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Theory
20055 SPP Social Pharmacy Practical20060 HCP Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Practical
20226 PLT Pharmacy Law & Ethics

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