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20051 PHP Pharmaceutics Practical D Pharm

Pharmaceutics Practical, Lab Manual, Journal

Pharmaceutics Practical D Pharm Practicals

Pharmaceutics Practicals: Handling official references Liquid Oral: Simple syrup, Piperazine citrate elixir, Aqueous Iodine solution Emulsion: Castor oil emulsion, Cod liver oil emulsion Suspension: Calamine lotion, Magnesium hydroxide mixture Ointment: Simple ointment base, Sulphur ointment Cream: Cetrimide cream Gel: Sodium alginate gel Liniment: Turpentine liniment, Dry powder: Effervescent powder / effervescent granules, Dusting powder Sterile Injection: Normal Saline Solution, Calcium gluconate Injection Hard Gelatine Capsule: Tetracycline capsules Tablet: Paracetamol tablets Cosmetic preparations: Cold cream

  1. Handling and referring to the official references: Pharmacopoeias, Formularies, etc. for retrieving formulas, procedures, etc.

  • Cosmetic preparations

  • Appropriate methods of usage and storage of all dosage forms including special dosage such as different types of inhalers, spacers, insulin pens

  • Demonstration of quality-control tests and evaluation of common dosage forms viz. tablets, capsules, emulsion, sterile injections as per the monographs


The students shall be asked to submit written assignments on the following topics (One assignment per student per sessional period. i.e., a minimum of THREE assignments per student)

  1. Various systems of measures commonly used in prescribing, compounding and dispensing practices
  2. Market preparations (including Fixed Dose Combinations) of each type of dosage form, their generic name, minimum of three brand names and label contents of the dosage forms mentioned in theory/practical
  3. Overview of various machines/equipment/instruments involved in the formulation and quality control of various dosage forms/pharmaceutical formulations.
  4. Overview of extemporaneous preparations at community/hospital pharmacy vs. manufacturing of dosage forms at the industrial level
  5. Basic pharmaceutical calculations: ratios, conversion to percentage fraction, allegation, proof spirit, isotonicity

Field Visit

The students shall be taken for an industrial visit to pharmaceutical industries to witness and understand the various processes of manufacturing any of the common dosage forms viz. tablets, capsules, liquid orals, injectables, etc. Individual reports from each student on their learning experience from the field visit shall be submitted.

F Y D Pharm & S Y D Pharm Notes, Books, Syllabus, PDF, Videos

First Year D PharmSecond Year D Pharm
20111 PHT Pharmaceutics Theory20221 PGT Pharmacology Theory
20051 PHP Pharmaceutics Practical20056 PGP Pharmacology Practical
20112 PCT Pharmaceutical Chemistry Theory20222 CMT Community Pharmacy & Management Theory
20052 PCP Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical20057 CMP Community Pharmacy & Management Practical
20113 PYT Pharmacognosy Theory20223 BCT Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Theory
20053 PYP Pharmacognosy Practical20058 BCP Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Practical
20114 HPT Human Anatomy Physiology Theory20224 PTT Pharmacotherapeutics Theory
20054 HPP Human Anatomy Physiology Practical20059 PTP Pharmacotherapeutics Practical
20115 SPT Social Pharmacy Theory20225 HCT Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Theory
20055 SPP Social Pharmacy Practical20060 HCP Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Practical
20226 PLT Pharmacy Law & Ethics

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