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20113 PYT Pharmacognosy Theory D Pharm

Pharmacognosy Notes, PDF Books D Pharm

Pharmacognosy Theory D Pharm

Definition, history, present status and scope of Pharmacognosy
Classification of drugs:
AlphabeticalTaxonomicalMorphologicalPharmacologicalChemicalChemo-taxonomicalQuality control of crude drugs:>
Different methods of adulteration of crude drugsEvaluation of crude drugs
A brief outline of occurrence, distribution, isolation, identification tests, therapeutic activity and pharmaceutical applications of alkaloids, terpenoids, glycosides, volatile oils, tannins and resins.
Biological source, chemical constituents and therapeutic efficacy of the following categories of crude drugs.
Laxatives: Aloe, Castor oil, Ispaghula, Senna
Cardiotonic: Digitalis, Arjuna
Carminatives and G.I. regulators: Coriander, Fennel, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove, Black Pepper, Asafoetida, Nutmeg, Cinnamon
Astringents: Myrobalan, Black Catechu, Pale, Catechu
Drugs acting on nervous system: Hyoscyamus, Belladonna, Ephedra, Opium, Tea leaves, Coffee seeds, Coca
Anti-hypertensive: Rauwolfia
Anti-tussive: Vasaka, Tolu Balsam
Anti-rheumatics: Colchicum seed
Anti-tumour: Vinca, Podophyllum
Antidiabetics: Pterocarpus, Gymnema
Diuretics: Gokhru, Punarnava
Anti-dysenteric: Ipecacuanha
Antiseptics and disinfectants: Benzoin, Myrrh, Neem, Turmeric
Antimalarials: Cinchona, Artemisia
Oxytocic: Ergot
Vitamins: Cod liver oil, Shark liver oil
Enzymes: Papaya, Diastase, Pancreatin, Yeast
Pharmaceutical Aids: Kaolin, Lanolin, Beeswax, Acacia, Tragacanth, Sodium alginate, Agar, Guar gum, Gelatine
Miscellaneous: Squill, Galls, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Guggul
Plant fibres used as surgical dressings: Cotton, silk, wool and regenerated fibres Sutures – Surgical Catgut and Ligatures
Basic principles involved in the traditional systems of medicine like
Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy  
Method of preparation of Ayurvedic formulations like
Arista, Asava, Gutika, Taila, Churna, Lehya and Bhasma
Role of medicinal and aromatic plants in the national economy and their export potential
Herbs as health food: Brief introduction and therapeutic applications of Nutraceuticals, Antioxidants, Pro-biotics, Pre-biotics, Dietary fibres, Omega-3-fatty acids, Spirulina, Carotenoids, Soya and Garlic
Introduction to herbal formulations
Herbal cosmetics: Sources, chemical constituents, commercial preparations, therapeutic and cosmetic uses of: Aloe vera gel, Almond oil, Lavender oil, Olive oil, Rosemary oil, Sandal Wood oil
Phytochemical investigation of drugs

F Y D Pharm & S Y D Pharm Notes, Books, Syllabus, PDF, Videos

First Year D PharmSecond Year D Pharm
20111 PHT Pharmaceutics Theory20221 PGT Pharmacology Theory
20051 PHP Pharmaceutics Practical20056 PGP Pharmacology Practical
20112 PCT Pharmaceutical Chemistry Theory20222 CMT Community Pharmacy & Management Theory
20052 PCP Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical20057 CMP Community Pharmacy & Management Practical
20113 PYT Pharmacognosy Theory20223 BCT Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Theory
20053 PYP Pharmacognosy Practical20058 BCP Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Practical
20114 HPT Human Anatomy Physiology Theory20224 PTT Pharmacotherapeutics Theory
20054 HPP Human Anatomy Physiology Practical20059 PTP Pharmacotherapeutics Practical
20115 SPT Social Pharmacy Theory20225 HCT Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Theory
20055 SPP Social Pharmacy Practical20060 HCP Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Practical
20226 PLT Pharmacy Law & Ethics

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