September 30, 2023

Nutrition deficiency diseases

Nutrition deficiency diseases

Examples of nutritional deficiency diseases

1)Vitamin (B12) ( cyanocobalamin)Megaloblastic anaemia ( defective RBC’s maturation)
2)Iodine Goiter HypothyroidismNeurological cretinism Myxoedematous cretinism Spontaneous abortion and stillbirth
3)Iron Anemia Impaired immunity decreases resistance to infection 
4)Thiamine ( B1BeriberiWernicke’s encephalopathy ( mental retardation, nystagmus)
5)Vitamin –B2 ( Riboflavin)Delayed wound healing increased susceptibility to cataract impaired neuromotor function
6)Vitamin ABitot’s spot, night blindness, xeropthalmia, keratomalacia-linked genetic disorder (color blindness)
7)Vitamin DRickets in childrensOsteomalacia in adults
8)Vitamin B3( Niacin ) / (Nicotinic acid)Pellagra ( diarhhoea , dermatitis , dementia )
9)Vitamin B( pyridoxine)In children: irritabilityAbdominal destantionLoss of body weight Anemia 
In adults:skin and mouth lesions Peripheral neuritis Mental changes 
10)Vitamin C ( ascorbic acid )Scurvy
11)Vitamin –E ( Tocopherol)Abortion and sterility in animals
12)Protein KwashiorkorMarasmus
13)Calcium OsteomalaciaOsteoporosis
14)Folic acid Megaloblastic anaemia(defective RBC’s maturation)Glossitis
Nutrition deficiency diseases

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