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802T MCQ Social and Preventive Pharmacy MCQ with answers

BP802T MCQ Social and Preventive Pharmacy MCQ with answers

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Social and Preventive Pharmacy Mix MCQ with answers

1. The immune system comprises …..
a. Humoral and fibrous systems
b. humoral and cell-mediated systems
c. antigen
d. lymphocytes

Answer: humoral and cell-mediated systems

2.  —– is an example of a stimulant.
a. Lorazepam
b. amphetamine
c. oxazepam
d. phencyclidine

Answer: amphetamine

3. Which of the following diseases is caused by the deficiency of niacin?
a. Scurvy
b. Rickets
c. Pellagra
d. pernicious anemia

Answer: Pellagra

4. The leading infectious disease killer globally in 2001 was:
a. respiratory diseases
b. HIV or Aids
c. Diarrheal diseases
d. Tuberculosis

Answer: respiratory diseases

5. What is the standard treatment of Cholera?
a. ORS replacement therapy
b. Tetracycline antibiotics
c. Trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole
d. Diuretic drugs

Answer: Trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole

6. Which of the following indicates hypertensive crisis?
a. blood pressure of 140 /99 mmHg
b. BP of 160 / 100 mmHg
c. BP of 150 / 99 mmHg
d. BP of 180 / 120 mmHg

Answer: BP of 180 / 120 mmHg

7. Which of the following can repel mosquitoes…
a. banana
b. chili
c. citronella
d. garlic

Answer: citronella

8. On which date the World Health Organization recognize to celebrate the void tuberculosis day.
a. 24th March
b. 7 th April
c. 24th April
d. 14th November

Answer: 24th March

9. Biggest achievement of immunization program is the eradication of
a. Chickenpox
b. Smallpox
c. Tetanus
d. TB

Answer: Smallpox

10.  Which is the first country to initiate a family planning program in the world?
a. Brazil
b. Pakistan
c. India
d. France

Answer: India

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