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801T MCQ Biostatistics and Research Methodology MCQ with Answers

BP801T MCQ Biostatistics and Research Methodology MCQ with Answers

Unit 1 MCQ Introduction, Measures of central tendency, Measures of dispersion, Correlation MCQ

Unit 2 MCQ Regression, Probability, Parametric test MCQ

Unit 3 MCQ Non Parametric tests, Research, Graphs, Designing the methodology MCQ

Unit 4 MCQ Regression modelling, Practical components of Industrial and Clinical Trial MCQ

Unit 5 MCQ Design and Analysis of Experiments, Response Surface methodology MCQ

Biostatistics and Research Methodology Mix MCQ

1. First step of an investigation is _________ .
A. collection of data.
B. presentation of data.
C. analysis of data.
D. explanation of data.

Answer: collection of data

2. Diagrams are for _________________
A. the use of exports.
B. better quantitative picture.
C. better mental appeal
D. the use of imports.

Answer: better quantitative picture.

3. Skewness is positive when mean is ___________.
A. greater than mode.
B. less than mode.
C. equal to mode.
D. negative.

Answer: greater than mode

4. A grouped distribution can be represented by __________.
A. Frequency polygon.
B. Histogram.
C. Frequency curve.
D. Ogives.

Answer: Histogram

5. The regression lines helps to find the __________
A. average of x and y.
B. average of x only.
C. average of y only.
D. the median of x and y

Answer: average of x and y

6.  In a positively skewed distribution mean>median is ____________.
A. lesser than mode
B. equal to mode
C. greater than mode
D. none

Answer: greater than mode

7. The mode of the following series is __________. 3,5,8,5,4,5,9,3.
A. 3.
B. 5.
C. 4.
D. 0.

Answer: 5

8.  __________ is used to compare the variability of two or more than two series.
A. mean.
B. Standard deviation.
C. Coefficient of variation.
D. Mean deviation

Answer: Coefficient of variation.

9. The spearman rank correlation coefficient is a___________ measure of rank correlation.
A. parametric
B. non-parametric
C. linear
D. non-linear

Answer: non-parametric

10. The regression equation of x on y is expressed as ___________.
A. y=a+b.
B. y=ab.
C. y=a+bx.
D. y = a/bx.

Answer: y=a+bx

11.  When the sample size n is less than 30 it is called ________ .
A. small sample test.
B. large sample test.
D. none of these.

Answer: Small sample test

12. Print paper for the research report should be only on____ paper.
A. Mat.
B. Low quality glossy.
C. High-quality glossy.
D. Filter.

Answer: High-quality glossy.

13. In references if the author is a woman it is usual to spell her ____.
A. Name
B. First name
C. Surname
D. Name with initial

Answer: First name

14. The hypothesis is true but our test rejects it. It is known as ___________ .
A. Type I error.
B. Type II error.
C. wrong decision.
D. None of the above.

Answer: Type I error

15. The word statistics seems to have been derived from the latin word____.
A. statistik
B. status
C. statista
D. statistil

Answer: status

16. Statistics is most commonly used in ____________.
A. Maths.
B. Science.
C. Economics
D. Sociology.

Answer: Economics

17. Statistics is the ____________ of estimates and probabilities.
A. Science.
B. Economics.
C. Sociology.
D. Social science.

Answer: Science

18. __________curve should begin and end at the baseline.
A. ogives.
B. frequency.
C. histogram.
D. none of the above.

Answer: Histogram

19.  Variance is the square of _____________ .
A. range.
B. quartile deviation.
C. mean deviation.
D. standard deviation

Answer: standard deviation

20. Decrease in one variable influences the decrease in other variable is _________.
A. multiple correlations.
B. simple correlation.
C. negative correlation.
D. positive correlation.

Answer: positive correlation.

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