DLHHCOP IIC Impact Lecture Series

DLHHCOP IIC Impact Lecture Series

AICTE and MoE’s innovative cell-sponsored Impact lecture series session 1 was arranged through virtual mode. The objective of the session was to guide students about start-ups and entrepreneurship. Mr Shyam Koli and Mr Mahesh Abhyankar were the invited speakers for the event.

Mr Shyam Koli, Founder and Chairman, of Quality Solutions Laboratory discussed Opportunities in Pharma & Start-up Challenges. He discussed the concept of start-up, and idea generation, and elaborated on the entire process, significance and key features.  He discussed various real-world and simple examples from the non-pharma and pharma sectors to explain the concept and process of a start-up. He also discussed his own ideas and elaborated on his journey as an entrepreneur.

Mr Mahesh Abhyankar Managing Director, Abhyankar Ayurvedic Product Pvt Ltd. discussed Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ayurveda. He gave a detailed insight into the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation, the legalities involved, various start-up schemes, and various avenues for startups in the pharma and ayurvedic sector.

 At the end of both sessions of the workshop, attendees interacted and participated actively in question-answer sessions and asked various queries about innovation and start-ups. Students were keen to know the speaker’s journey so far. Mr Shyam Koli and Mr Mahesh Abhyankar responded enthusiastically to all the queries and encouraged students.

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