Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) is an informatics company that develops and commercializes solutions in support of R&D. Our chemical and analytical knowledge management platform (Spectrus) helps organizations preserve information with chemical context so it can be searched and re-applied with ease. Our professional services team delivers software configuration and customization to align the capabilities of our technologies with scientific workflows. We also provide integration with existing informatics systems and undertake custom projects including enterprise-level automation and remote data accessibility.

A privately-held company that has served the R&D community for over 25 years, ACD/Labs has a global sales and support presence, with offices in N. America, Europe, and Asia. Our employees number over 190 dedicated individuals, including many PhD level scientists, with expertise in informatics and various chemical disciplines.

ACD/Labs’ unique expertise lies in a world-class knowledge management platform for handling of vendor neutral, multi-technique analytical data. The ACD/Spectrus Platform enables spectroscopic data processing and interpretation for NMR, MS, LC/MS, IR, RAMAN, UV, other optical, and hyphenated instrumental techniques; chemical structure confirmation, verification, and elucidation; and separation science-based chromatographic method development and optimization. Spectrus offers chemically intelligent databasing to support collaborative research and efficient data driven decision-making.

These expert data analysis and management tools have been used as a foundation for applications that support particular workflows in pharmaceutical discovery and development including:

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