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Turpentine Liniment


IngredientsQty givenQty takenActivity
Camphor 50gCounterirritant and rubefacient
Turpentine oil (65%v/v)650ml
Soft soap 90gSkin permeation enhancer.  
Purified waterq.s to 1000mlq.s to 15mlVehicle


Soft soap was mixed with small portion of water.

Camphor was dissolved in turpentine oil.

Turpentine oil was added gradually to soap mixture mixing well after each addition.

The mixture was transferred  to  a  tared  bottle  with  the aid  of purified  water  and  shaken  thoroughly till the time  a creamy  emulsion  was  formed.

Preparation was set aside for half an hour, volume adjusted and mixed well.


Turpentine oil and camphor are counterirritant and rubefacient. Counterirritants are agents which themselves produce irritation to skin causing skin stimulation. They are useful for painful lesions of muscle, tendons and joints.

Turpentine liniment is O/W type of soap emulsion. Soft soap is produced by saponification of sodium/potassium hydroxide and higher fatty acids. In addition to emulsifying property, soft soap acts as detergent lubricant and skin permeation enhancer. 

Since turpentine oil is less viscous and soft soap is easy to disperse bottle method is best method suited for compounding


Counterirritant and rubefacient.


Store in well closed container, in a cool place away from light.

Labeling Direction:  

Shake well before use. Apply with friction on intact skin. For external use only.

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