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1.6 Remedial Mathematics / Remedial Biology Pharm D Syllabus, Notes, PDF, Books, Downloads

1.6 Remedial Mathematics / Remedial Biology Pharm D Syllabus, Notes, PDF, Books, Downloads

Remedial Mathematics

1 Algebra: Determinants, Matrices

2 Trigonometry: Sides and angles of a triangle, solution of triangles

3 Analytical Geometry: Points, Straight line, circle, parabola

4 Differential calculus: Limit of a function, Differential calculus, Differentiation of a sum, Product, Quotient Composite, Parametric, exponential, trigonometric, and Logarithmic function. Successive differentiation, Leibnitz’s theorem, Partial differentiation, Euler’s theorem on homogeneous functions of two variables

5 Integral Calculus: Definite integrals, integration by substitution and by parts, Properties of definite integrals.

6 Differential equations: Definition, order, degree, variable separable, homogeneous, Linear, heterogeneous, linear, differential equation with constant coefficient, simultaneous linear equation of second order.

7 Laplace transform: Definition, Laplace transform of elementary functions, Properties of linearity and shifting.

Remedial Biology


1 Introduction

2 General organization of plants and their inclusions

3 Plant tissues

4 Plant kingdom and its classification

5 Morphology of plants

6 Root, Stem, Leaf and Its modifications

7 Inflorescence and Pollination of flowers

8 Morphology of fruits and seeds

9 Plant physiology

10 Taxonomy of Leguminosae, Umbelliferae, Solanaceae, Liliaceae, Zinziberaceae, Rubiaceae

11 Study of Fungi, Yeast, Penicillin, and Bacteria


1 Study of Animal cell

2 Study animal tissues

3 Detailed study of frog

4 Study of Pisces, Reptiles, Aves

5 General organization of mammals

6 Study of poisonous animals

Remedial Biology Practical

  1. Introduction of biology experiments
  2. Study of cell wall constituents and cell inclusions
  3. Study of Stem modifications
  4. Study of Root modifications
  5. Study of Leaf modifications
  6. Identification of Fruits and seeds
  7. Preparation of Permanent slides
  8. T.S. of Senna, Cassia, Ephedra, Podophyllum.
  9. Simple plant physiological experiments
  10. Identification of animals
  11. Detailed study of Frog
  12. Computer-based tutorials

First Year Pharm D Subjects

1.1Human Anatomy and Physiology
1.3Medicinal  Biochemistry
1.4Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
1.5Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
1.6Remedial Mathematics/ Biology

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  • Pre-eclampsia and Screening: Identifying Risks for a Healthier Pregnancy

  • Exploring Sugar Substitutes like Neotame, Aspartame, and Saccharin