Poster and Oral Presentation Guidelines IPC 2016 Visakhapatnam

IPC Paper Presentation
Last Date Online Submission of Abstract: 30.09.2016
Announcement of Abstract Acceptance: 20.10.2016
Announcement of Oral Presentation: 25.10.2016
Registration without Late Fee: 31.10.2016
Registration with Late Fee: 30.11.2016

How to Prepare your Paper

Abstract Content
The abstract of the work proposed to be presented should be prepared and properly pasted in the space provided according to the instructions given below and submitted online on or before 30th September 2016. The abstracts should be submitted only in the prescribed format.

The following sections are REQUIRED and should be IN THIS ORDER.
TITLE: Type the complete title of paper in the in the space provided
AUTHORS & CO-AUTHORS: Name of the presenting author and affiliation (use appropriate abbreviations for institution with city, state, country and code) should be typed in the given space. The presenting author only shall present the paper and the name cannot be changed later. In case of emergencies, at the time of conference the participation of this designated author is prevented; the chair(s) of the conference must be notified immediately.
Type the Co-Author(s) name(s) only in the space provided. Maximum number of Co-Authors should not be more than three (03).
Do not use titles; i.e. Dr., Ph.D., etc. Only affiliation of presenting author should be mentioned.
Do not mention affiliations of co-authors.
ABSTRACT: Abstract should also be submitted in MS Word Version 6.0/95 or a higher version. The text of the abstract should be typed in Times New Roman using font size of 12 with title in bold. The abstract should not be more than 250 words.
Key Words: Not more than five key words to be typed in the space provided

Summary Content

SUMMARY (Separate attachment compulsory)
A two page summary of the work is required in the following sequence :
TITLE: Without authors name and affiliation
INTRODUCTION: Not more than 50 words
OBJECTIVE: Not more than 50 words
RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: You may include tables, figures and graphs
CONCLUSION: Importance of the research findings is required. (Not more than 50 words)
BIBLIOGRAPHY: Main references (Not more than 3) should be included.
File Size: Not more than 500 KB

Since the paper is to be coded for evaluation, the authors are requested not to mention any names and address on the summary pages.

Presentation of the scientific paper is restricted to author who has registered for attending 68th IPC, Vizag and should be an active member of IPA/ IHPA/ APTI/ IPGA/ AIDCOC.
The presenting author should be final year student of Bachelor of Pharmacy, 4th year student of Pharm. D. (Regular), students of Pharm.D. (PB), & M. Pharmacy or having above/ equivalent qualification to Bachelor of Pharmacy.
Scientific Services Committee will not entertain any application either for registration for 68th IPC, Vizag, India or for membership of any organization. For registration details see the respective website.

Abstract Permission
Submission Permission – The Indian pharmaceutical congress does not assume any liability or responsibility for publication of any submitted abstracts.
Originality of scientific Work – The presenting authors are requested to submit the work only if
a) It has not been presented earlier.
b) The total work or any part thereof has not been published in any form in any journal.
c) They should withdraw the paper if it is published between the time of submission and the presentation at the               congress.
Agreement to Present – Presenting author of abstract must agree to present the accepted poster at 68th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress to be held at Vizag.

Review Procedure
All abstract contributions to the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress will require to go through a rigorous review procedure to maintain the highest scientific quality of the symposium. Submitted abstract and summary must meet the following minimum requirements:
• Significant and original contribution.
• Abstract submitted by the deadline.
• Written in clear English.
• Few syntax/spelling mistakes.
• Sufficient data presented, adequately analyzed and discussed with appropriate conclusions supported by the data.
• Meets format guidelines.
• Contains data (tables, figure, image, or specific numbers in text) to support the data.
Placement of Abstract
All papers submitted shall undergo a rigorous scrutiny, by the abstract review committee and the accepted papers only will be permitted to present as a poster presentation in the 68th IPC, Vizag.
The best paper from each section after scrutiny will selected and allowed for oral presentation.
Selected Posters will be allowed to present as an e-poster.
The final placement decision will be made by the IPC Scientific Service Committee/Scientific Convener. The acceptance decision by the Scientific Convener will be final and binding.

Author Notification
• Submission confirmation will be sent via email to the author designated as the corresponding author. We strongly recommend that the presenter also be the corresponding author.
• Presenting authors will be notified through their email about the acceptance of their paper for presentation in the 68th IPC, Vizag and the same will be displayed by 15th October 2016 on the website.
• Only accepted papers for presentation will be intimated through their email ids.The acceptance decision by the Scientific Convener will be final and binding.
• Please direct questions or inquiries regarding the abstract submission to [email protected]
Abstract Checklist
• I have prepared my abstract as outlined in the Call for Papers, “How to Prepare Your Abstract.”
• This work is an original work.
• This work has not been previously submitted for consideration in other conferences.
• I will present my abstract as poster during 68th IPC.
• I understand that I am granting license to IPC to publish the abstract in the Final Abstract Book/CD of 68th IPC.
• All authors are encouraged to carefully review the guidelines for abstract submission both in terms of content and format.
Abstract Deadline
Abstracts will be accepted on or before 30 th September 2016. Abstracts must be submitted online only. No other form of submission will be accepted.

The scientific services committee has great pleasure in inviting you to submit significant findings of original work for presentation in any of the following scientific sessions during the congress.
1) Pharmaceutical Technology
A) Oral Sustained /Controlled Release Systems
B) Mucosal Systems
C) Transdermal and Topical Systems
D) Ophthalmic Systems
E) Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
F) Protein and Peptide Delivery Systems
G) Particulate Systems
H) Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems
I) Colloidal Drug Delivery Systems
J) Any other
2) Medicinal Chemistry
A) Quantitative Structural Activity Relationship
B) Combinatorial and Parallel Synthesis
C) Green Chemistry
D) Computer Aided Drug Design
E) Synthesis and Biological Evaluation
F) Any other
3) Pharmacognosy, Indigenous Drugs, Herbal formulations and Phytochemistry
A) Extraction, Identification and Evaluation
B) Development and Evaluation of Formulation
C) Standardization of Herbal Drugs and Products
D) Tissue Culture
E) Any other
4) Pharmacology and Toxicology, Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance
A) Anti-inflammatory Activity
B) Anti-diabetic Activity
C) Neurological Activity
D) Cardiovascular Activity
E) Immunomodulatory Activity
F) Antimicrobial Activity
G) Any other

5) Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism
A) Bioanalytical Study
B) Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Study
C) Drug Metabolism Study
D) Drug Transport Study
E) Any other
6) Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance
A) HPLC Method Development and Validation
B) UV Spectrophotometric Method
C) HPTLC Method Development
D) Any other
7) Biotechnology and Biotherapeutics
8) Hospital, Community and Clinical Pharmacy
9) Pharmaceutical Education and Professional Pharmacy
10) Drug Regulatory Affairs
11) Pharmaceutical Management
12) Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology

Poster Specification
• The area provided for poster presentation will not be more than 0.95 meter (95 cm) wide by 1.2 meter height (120cm).
• The title of the poster should cover the full width of the poster. The title should be brief, informative and written in bold letters. The names of author’s address/es should be written below the title in small letters. The name of the presenting author should be underlined.
• The sizes of the letter should be such that a viewer can read it from 2 meter distance. The message should be clear, understandable and self-explanatory.

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Yogesh Chaudhari
He is working as Assistant Professor at HSNCB's Dr. L. H. Hiranandani College of Pharmacy, Ulhasnagar
Yogesh Chaudhari

Yogesh Chaudhari

He is working as Assistant Professor at HSNCB's Dr. L. H. Hiranandani College of Pharmacy, Ulhasnagar

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