Physical Pharmacy Lab I MU BPH_C_307_L

Physical Pharmacy Lab I


  1. Determination of refractive index of solid.
  2. Polarimetry: Different concentrations of sugar, determination of unknown concentration and specific rotation.
  3. Determination of solubility of a drug at room temperature
  4. Viscosity determination of Newtonian liquids using Ostwald’s viscometer and to determine the composition of an unknown binary mixture.
  5. Phenol water system – Critical solution temperature and composition
  6. Determination of surface tension of given liquids by drop count/ OR drop weight method and study the effect of surfactants in reducing surface tension/enhance wetting properties.
  7. To determine buffer capacity at various stages of titrations of a weak acid against a strong base and hence to determine pKa of the acid.
  1. Determination of partition coefficient of Iodine in CCl4 and water/ OR benzoic acid in benzene and water
  2. Adsorption of acetic acid on activated charcoal and determination of specific surface area of charcoal.


  1. Determination of HLB number of a surfactant by saponification method


  1. Laboratory Manual of Physical Pharmaceutics, C.V.S. Subramanyam, J. Thimma settee.
  2. Practical Physical Pharmacy, U. B. Hadkar, T.N. Vasudevan and K.S. Laddha,
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