Physical Pharmacy II MU BPH_C_402_T

Physical Pharmacy II

No. Details Hours
1 Chemical kinetics and drug stability 11
1.1 Molecularity, order of a reaction, specific rate constant 2


1.2 Reaction kinetics: 4
zero, pseudo-zero, first & second order (problems), units of basic rate constants, determination of reaction
order, Energy of activation
1.3 Physical  and  chemical  factors  influencing  the  chemical  degradation  of  pharmaceutical  product: 3
temperature, solvent, ionic strength, dielectric constant, specific & general acid base catalysis.
1.4 Accelerated stability testing in expiration dating of pharmaceutical dosage forms. 2
2 Dissolution and diffusion 9
2.1 Diffusion: Concept, and applications, diffusion through biological membranes, drug release 2
2.2 Fick’s Laws of diffusion, Steady state diffusion, driving forces for diffusion in pharmaceutical systems,
permeability 3
2.3 Measurement of diffusion 1
2.4 Concept of dissolution, dissolution mechanism 1
2.5 Noyes Whitney equation, factors affecting dissolution 1
2.6 Intrinsic Dissolution Rate, Hixson – Crowell Law, measurement of dissolution rates 1
3 Complexation and protein binding 6
3.1 Introduction, classification of complexes 2
3.2 Pharmaceutical applications of complexes 1
3.3 Method of analysis of complexes 1
3.4 Protein binding, complexation and drug action, stability constants 2
4 Coarse dispersions 8
4.1 Classification of dispersions, properties of coarse, colloidal and molecular dispersions 1
4.2 Thermodynamic and kinetic stability of dispersed systems 1
4.3 Electric Properties of Interfaces: Nernst and zeta potential, effect of electrolytes 1
4.4 Suspensions: DLVO theory, flocculated and deflocculated systems, controlled flocculation, physical 3
stability of suspensions
4.5 Emulsions: Theories of emulsification, physical stability of emulsions 2
6 Colloids 7
6.1 Classification and preparation 2
6.2 Colloid properties: optical, kinetic and electrical 2
6.3 Stability of colloids and Schultz Hardy rule, Protective colloid and gold number 2
6.4 Pharmaceutical applications of colloids 1
7 Biopharmaceutics 7
7.1 Introduction to biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, concept of ADME, bioavailability 2
7.2 Mechanisms of drug absorption 1
7.3 Factors affecting drug absorption: Physicochemical, physiological and dosage form factors 3
7.4 Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Classification System of drugs 1


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