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Pharmacy Council of India: Constitution and functions

PCI constitution and functions

Pharmacy Council of India: Constitution and functions

Term: The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is constituted by the Central Government every five years.
The first Pharmacy Council of India was constituted in the year, 1949.

Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) Members:

Elected members:

Six members, at least one teacher each of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy elected by UGC from the teaching staff of an Indian University or an affiliated college granting a degree or diploma in Pharmacy.
One member, elected by the Medical Council of India from amongst its members.
One member elected by each State Pharmacy Council who shall be a Registered Pharmacist.

Nominated members:

Six members, nominated by the Central Government, including at least four persons possessing degree or diploma in Pharmacy and engaged in the practice of Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
One representative each of University Grants Commission and the All India Council for Technical Education.
One Registered Pharmacist to represent each State nominated by the State Government/Union Territory Administration.

Ex-officio Members:

The Director General of Health Services.
The Director of Central Drugs Laboratory.
The Drugs Controller of India.

Functions of Pharmacy Council of India

To prescribe the minimum standards of education required for qualification as a Registered Pharmacist.
To regulate the minimum educational standards by inspecting the institutions.
To recognise the qualification granted outside the territory to which the Pharmacy Act, 1948 extends, for the purpose of qualifying for registration.
To compile and maintain a Central Register for Pharmacist, containing names of all Registered persons.
Any other function required for the furtherance of objectives of the Pharmacy Act, 1948.

PCI constitution and functions
Mindmap by Mr. Viral lokhande, KGRDCP & RI

The President and Vice-President of the Pharmacy Council

The President and Vice-President of the Pharmacy Council are elected by its members themselves. They have a term of office of five years. Any member absents without sufficient excuse is deemed to have vacated his seat from the Council. A casual vacancy in the PCI is filled by fresh nomination or election and the person so nominated or elected holds the office only for the remaining term.
All members of the Council are eligible for re-election or re-nomination.

The Council also appoints a Registrar who acts as its Secretary and, if necessary, its treasurer as well,
Other officers and servants for carrying out its statutory functions.
The Executive Committee of the PCI consists of the President (Chairman of the Committee) and the Vice-President and five other members elected by the Central Council from amongst its members.

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