Pharmacology I MU BPH_C_404_T

Pharmacology I

No. Details Hours
General Principles of Pharmacology
• Introduction to Pharmacology
1 • Routes of drug administration with special reference to their advantages and disadvantages. 8
• Drug Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism & Excretion (ADME)
•   Factors modifying action of drug
Mechanisms of drug action
• Brief introduction to physiological receptors
• Structural and functional families of receptors
2 • Mechanisms of drug action: 8
‐Drug receptor interaction
‐Dose response curve (DRC)
‐Drug antagonism
Autonomic nervous system
• Autonomic neurotransmission
• Parasympathomimetics
3 • Parasympatholytics 16
• Sympathomimetics
• Sympatholytics
• Drugs acting on autonomic ganglia
• Skeletal muscle relaxants
Cardiovascular system
• Drugs used in the treatment of:
‐ Congestive cardiac failure
4 ‐ Hypertension 13
‐ Cardiac arrhythmia
‐ Angina pectoris
‐ Hyperlipoproteinemia
5 Diuretics 3
Total 48


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