Pharmacology Lab I MU BPH_C_409_L

Pharmacology Lab I

No. Details
1 Dose response curve (DRC) of Acetylcholine using suitable isolated tissue preparation (e.g. Cock
Effect of drugs on isolated frog heart (CDs)
‐Adrenaline, Acetylcholine
2 ‐Atropine, propranolol
‐Effect of excess calcium and potassium on isolated heart
‐Effect of lack of calcium and potassium on isolated frog heart
‐Effect of digitalis on hypodynamic heart
3 Simulated experiments (CDs)
‐Effect of drugs on eye
Demonstration with the help of CDs or kymograph recordings:
–Effect of neostigmine on DRC of Ach
4 –Effect of pancuronium on DRC of Ach
(Give the readings to the students and ask them to plot the graphs and draw conclusions from the
results e.g. Identify type of antagonism existing between two drugs by studying the nature of the
graphs, competitive and non- competitive. Find out the potency of the drugs by studying the DRC and

determining IC50 values)

‐Calculation of pA2 value of atropine using Ach as an agonist




  • ‐Laboratory animal handling

‐Care and ethics in animal experimentation


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