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1.2 Pharmaceutics Pharm D, Notes, PDF, Books, Downloads

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1.2 Pharmaceutics Pharm D, Notes, PDF, Books, Downloads

Pharmaceutics Theory

1 Introduction

a. Introduction to dosage forms – classification and definitions
b. Prescription: definition, parts and handling of prescription
c. Posology: Definition, Factors affecting dose selection. Calculation of children and infant doses.

2 History

Historical background and development of a profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry in brief.

3 Pharmacopoeias

Development of Indian Pharmacopoeia.

British Pharmacopoeia,

United States Pharmacopoeia

International Pharmacopoeia

European Pharmacopoeia

Indian national formulary.

4 Weights and measures

Calculations involving percentage solutions, allegation, proof spirit, isotonic solutions etc

Pharmaceutical Calculations Video Lecture series

5 Powders and Granules

Classification advantages and disadvantages

Preparation of simple, compound powders

Insufflations, Dusting powders

Eutectic and Explosive powders,

Tooth powder

effervescent powders and granules.

6 Monophasic Dosage forms

Theoretical aspects of formulation include adjuvants like stabilisers, colourants, and flavours with examples.

Study Monophasic liquids like gargles, mouthwashes, Throat paint, Ear drops, Nasal drops, Liniments and lotions, Enemas and collodions.

7 Biphasic dosage forms


Definition, advantages, and disadvantages,

Classifications, Preparation of suspensions,

Flocculated and Deflocculated suspension


Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages


Emulsifying agent

Test for the identification of the type of Emulsion

Methods of preparation

Stability of emulsion

8 Suppositories and pessaries

Definition, Types, advantages, and disadvantages,

Types of bases,

Methods of preparation,

Displacement value

Evaluation of suppositories.

9 Galenicals

Definition, Equipment for 1. Infusion, 2. Decoction, 3. Maceration and 4. Percolation,

Methods of preparation of 1. Spirits, 2. Tinctures and 3. Extracts.

10 Pharmaceutical calculations

Pharmaceutical Calculations Video Lecture series

11 Surgical aids

Surgical dressings,

Absorbable gelatin sponge,



Medicated bandages.

12 Incompatibilities

Definition, classification,

Physical incompatibilities with examples

Chemical incompatibilities with examples

Therapeutic incompatibilities with examples

Pharmaceutics Practical

  1. Syrups

a. Simple Syrup I.P
b. Syrup of Ephedrine Hcl NF
c. Syrup Vasaka IP
d. Syrup of ferrous Phosphate IP
e. Orange Syrup

  1. Elixir

a. Piperizine citrate elixir BP
b. Cascara elixir BPC
c. Paracetamol elixir BPC

  1. Linctus

a. Simple Linctus BPC
b. Pediatric simple Linctus BPC

  1. Solutions

a. Solution of cresol with soap IP
b. Strong solution of ferric chloride BPC
c. Aqueous Iodine Solution IP
d. Strong solution of Iodine IP
e. Strong solution of ammonium acetate IP

  1. Liniments

a. Liniment of turpentine IP*
b. Liniment of camphor IP

  1. Suspensions

a. Calamine lotion
b. Magnesium Hydroxide mixture BP

  1. Emulsions

a. Cod liver oil emulsion
b. Liquid paraffin emulsion

  1. Powders

a. Eutectic powder
b. Explosive powder
c. Dusting powder
d. Insufflations

  1. Suppositories

a. Boric acid suppositories
b. Chloral suppositories

  1. Incompatibilities

a. Mixtures with Physical incompatibilities
b. Chemical & Therapeutic incompatibilities

First Year Pharm D Subjects Syllabus, Notes, PDF Books, MCQ

1.1Human Anatomy and Physiology
1.3Medicinal  Biochemistry
1.4Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
1.5Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
1.6Remedial Mathematics/ Biology

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