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Pharmaceutics I

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1. Introduction-
Historical background of Profession of Pharmacy in India in brief 2
Brief overview of status of Pharmaceutical Industry in India
Pharmacopoeias-IP, BP & BPC, USP/NF, International Pharmacopoeia, Eur. Pharmacopeia
2. Overview –
Revision of dosage forms and routes of administration
Introduction to alternate systems of medicine-Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani & Siddha 2
Concepts of GMP & Quality Assurance in Pharma Industry
Preformulation-importance and need.
3. Packaging of Pharmaceuticals-
General concept of package and its components-primary & ancillary packs, basic packaging 2
materials- glass, plastics, metals, rubber and paper; types of containers and closures; quality
control tests; brief on adhesives and printing inks.
4. Monophasic Liquid dosage forms:Preformulation & formulation aspects
General considerations of liquid dosage form design and manufacture-selection of vehicle and
excipients; solubility and solubilisation techniques, dissociation and partitition coefficient,
polymorphism, organoleptic properties, stability with excipients. 10
Large scale Manufacturing aspects-Unit operations and equipment used:  liquid mixing,
clarification and filtration, filling operations, packaging and quality control tests.
Brief coverage of following monophasic dosage forms- Solutions, Aromatic waters, Syrups,
Elixirs, Linctuses, Nasal & Ear drops, Paints, Sprays, Lotions & Liniments.
5. Micromeritics & Powder Technology: Preformulation & formulation aspects
Basics  of  micromeritics-Fundamental  and  derived  properties  of  powders  and  their
measurement-particle shape & size, surface area, densities, flow properties, packing properties,
fluidization of powders.
Large scale manufacturing aspects- Unit operations and equipment used: Size reduction, size
separation, powder mixing, segregation of mixed powders; packaging & Q.C. of powders.
Brief coverage of following powders-Dusting powders, Oral rehydration powders, Dry syrup 10
6. Biological products-
Sutures & ligatures– Definition, classification, cat gut manufacturing and processing, other
absorbable sutures-natural & synthetic; Nonabsorbable sutures- silk, linen, polyamides,
polyesters, polyolefins, and metallic wires; Quality control tests for sutures/ligatures
Blood products: 10
Need, problems/hazards, blood banking procedures
Whole human blood, Red cell concentrate, Platelet concentrate, Plasmapheresis, plasma, serum;
Fractionation of plasma, study of some fractions-clotting factors like fibrinogen, AHF, factor IX
complex, prothrombin, albumin preparations, γ globulin preparations. Quality control aspects of
blood products
Plasma substitutes (plasma volume expanders)
Need, desired properties, examples- hydrolyzed gelatin based products, HETA starch, Dextran
(in detail –source, preparation, official injections )
Total 36


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Pharmacopoeias- IP, BP, USP

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