Pharmaceutics Lab I MU BPH_C_408_L

Pharmaceutics Lab I

No. Details
1 Aromatic waters- Chloroform Water IP 1966, Conc. Dill water IP 1966, Conc. Anise water IP 1973, Gripe water
2 Syrups- Syrup IP 1966, Artificial syrup, Cough Syrup-Codeine phosphate syrup-BPC
3 Linctus- Simple linctus BPC
4 Elixirs- Piperazine Citrate elixir BPC
5 Ear drops- Chloramphenicol ear drops BPC
6 Nasal Drops- Ephedrine sulphate nasal drops BPC
7 Glycerites-Glycerin of starch IP 1955, Glycerin of boric acid IP 1955, Glycerin of tannic acid IP 1966
8 Solutions-Aqueous Iodine solution IP 1966, Paracetamol solubilized paediatric drops, Cresol with soap solution IP,
Magnesiun Citrate oral solution NF XIV, Chlorinated soda solution, surgical-BPC, Iodine paint compound BP 1968
9 Powders-Oral rehydration salt (ORS)
10 Quality evaluations-
a) Liquids for –organoleptic properties, specific gravity, pH, viscosity
b) Powders for-particle size, bulk density, flow properties (flow rate & angle of repose)
c) Packaging materials-simple testing of dimensions, thickness, volume etc of containers and flexible packaging
materials (films, paper, laminates).
11 Biological products-Assignment
a) Sutures & ligatures- survey on marketed products- one absorbable & one non-absorbable, learn about its
monographic testing and labelling.
b) Blood products- survey on one blood product and one plasma volume expander (marketed), and its monographic





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