May 30, 2024

Pharmaceutical Product Development Semester VIII Elective course

Pharmaceutical Product Development

Unit I

Introduction to pharmaceutical product development, objectives, regulations related to pre-formulation, formulation development, stability assessment, manufacturing and quality control testing of different types of dosage forms

Unit II

An advanced study of Pharmaceutical Excipients in pharmaceutical product development with a special reference to the following categories
i. Solvents and solubilizers
ii. Cyclodextrins and their applications
iii. Non-ionic surfactants and their applications
iv. Polyethylene glycols and sorbitols
v. Suspending and emulsifying agents
vi. Semi solid excipients

Unit III

An advanced study of Pharmaceutical Excipients in pharmaceutical product development with a special reference to the following categories
i. Tablet and capsule excipients
ii. Directly compressible vehicles
iii. Coat materials
iv. Excipients in parenteral and aerosols products
v. Excipients for the formulation of NDDS
Selection and application of excipients in pharmaceutical formulations with specific industrial applications

Unit IV

Optimization techniques in pharmaceutical product development.
A study of various optimization techniques for pharmaceutical product development with specific examples.
Optimization by factorial designs and their applications.A study of QbD and its application in pharmaceutical product development.

Unit V

Selection and quality control testing of packaging materials for pharmaceutical product development- regulatory considerations.

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  12. Advanced Review Articles related to the topics.

Recommended readings:

  • Regenerative Medicine: Rejuvenating the Body’s Natural Healing Potential

  • A Legacy of Loss: The Contaminated Blood Scandal and Haemophilia

  • Percutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR): A Minimally Invasive Option for Heart Valve Disease

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