BP305P Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II Practical

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II Practical

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II Practical

I Experiments involving laboratory techniques

Steam distillation

II Determination of following oil values (including standardization of reagents)

Acid value
Saponification value
Iodine value

III Preparation of compounds

Benzanilide/Phenyl benzoate/Acetanilide from Aniline/ Phenol /Aniline by acylation reaction.
2,4,6-Tribromo aniline/Para bromo acetanilide from Aniline/
Acetanilide by halogenation (Bromination) reaction.
5-Nitro salicylic acid/Meta di nitro benzene from Salicylic acid / Nitro benzene by nitration reaction.
Benzoic acid from Benzyl chloride by oxidation reaction.
Benzoic acid/ Salicylic acid from alkyl benzoate/ alkyl salicylate by hydrolysis reaction.
1-Phenyl azo-2-napthol from Aniline by diazotization and coupling reactions.
Benzil from Benzoin by oxidation reaction.
Dibenzal acetone from Benzaldehyde by Claison Schmidt reaction
Cinnammic acid from Benzaldehyde by Perkin reaction
P-Iodo benzoic acid from P-amino benzoic acid

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II Practical Recommended Books (Latest Editions)

  1. Organic Chemistry byMorrison and Boyd
  2. Organic Chemistry by I.L. Finar , Volume-I
  3. Textbook of Organic Chemistry by B.S. Bahl & Arun Bahl.
  4. Organic Chemistry by P.L.Soni
  5. Practical Organic Chemistry byMann and Saunders.
  6. Vogel’s text book of Practical Organic Chemistry
  7. Advanced Practical organic chemistry by N.K.Vishnoi.