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1.5 Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Pharm D Syllabus, Notes, PDF, Books, Downloads

1.5 Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Pharm D Syllabus, Notes, PDF, Books, Downloads

1 Error
2 Volumetric analysis
3 Acid-base titrations
4 Redox titrations
5 Non-aqueous titrations
6 Precipitation titrations
7 Complexometric titrations
8 Theory of indicators
9 Gravimetry
10 Limit tests
11 Medicinal gases
12 Acidifiers
13 Antacids
14 Cathartics
15 Electrolyte replenishers
16 Essential Trace elements
17 Antimicrobials
18 Pharmaceutical aids
19 Dental Products
20 Miscellaneous compounds
21 Radio Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Practical

  1. Limit test (6 exercises)

a. Limit test for chlorides
b. Limit test for sulphates
c. Limit test for iron
d. Limit test for heavy metals
e. Limit test for arsenic
f. Modified limit tests for chlorides and sulphates

  1. Assays (10 exercises)

a. Ammonium chloride- Acid-base titration
b. Ferrous sulphate- Cerimetry
c. Copper sulphate- Iodometry
d. Calcium gluconate- Complexometry
e. Hydrogen peroxide – Permanganometry
f. Sodium benzoate – Nonaqueous titration
g. Sodium chloride – Modified volhard’s method
h. Assay of KI – KIO3 titration
i. Gravimetric estimation of barium as barium sulphate
j. Sodium antimony gluconate or antimony potassium tartarate

  1. Estimation of a mixture (Any two exercises)

a. Sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate
b. Boric acid and Borax
c. Oxalic acid and sodium oxalate

  1. Test for identity (Any three exercises)

a. Sodium bicorbonate
b. Barium sulphate
c. Ferrous sulphate
d. Potassium chloride

  1. Test for purity (Any two exercises)

a. Swelling power in Bentonite
b. Acid neutralising capacity in aluminium hydroxide gel
c. Ammonium salts in potash alum
d. Adsorption power heavy Kaolin
e. Presence of Iodates in KI

  1. Preparations (Any two exercises)

a. Boric acids
b. Potash alum
c. Calcium lactate
d. Magnesium suphate

First Year Pharm D Subjects Syllabus, Notes, PDF Books, MCQ

1.1Human Anatomy and Physiology
1.3Medicinal  Biochemistry
1.4Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
1.5Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
1.6Remedial Mathematics/ Biology

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