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3.6 Pharmaceutical Formulations Pharm D Notes, PDF, Books, MCQ, Downloads

3.6 Pharmaceutical Formulations Pharm D Notes, PDF, Books, MCQ, Downloads

1. Pharmaceutical dosage form- concept and classification

2. Tablets

Formulation of different types of tablets, tablet excipients, granulation techniques quality control and evaluation of tablets. Tablet coating, Type of coating, quality control tests for coated tablet.

3. Capsules

Production and filling of hard gelatin capsules, Raw material for shell, finishing, quality control tests for capsules. Production and filling of soft gelatin capsules, quality control tests for soft gelatin capsules.

4. Liquid orals

Formulation and evaluation of suspensions, emulsions and solutions. Stability of these preparations

5. Parenterals

Introduction Containers used for Parenterals (including official tests) Formulation of large and small volume Parenterals Sterilization

6. Ophthalmic preparations (Semi – Solids)

Introduction and classification Factors affecting absorption and anatomy of skin Packaging storage and labelling, Ointments Types of Ointment Base Preparation of ointment, Jellies Types of jellies Formulation of jellies Suppositories, Method of preparation, Types Packaging

7. Definition and concept of Controlled and Novel Drug delivery systems with available examples, viz. parenteral, transdermal, buccal, rectal, nasal, implants, ocular

Pharmaceutical Formulations Practicals

  1. Manufacture of Tablets

a. Ordinary compressed tablet-wet granulation
b. Tablets prepared by direct compression.
c. Soluble tablet.
d. Chewable tablet.

  1. Formulation and filling of hard gelatin capsules
  2. Manufacture of parenterals

a. Ascorbic acid injection
b. Calcium gluconate injection
c. Sodium chloride infusion.
d. Dextrose and Sodium chloride injection/ infusion.

  1. Evaluation of Pharmaceutical formulations (QC tests)

a. Tablets
b. Capsules
c. Injections

  1. Formulation of two liquid oral preparations and evaluation by assay

a. Solution: Paracetamol Syrup
b. Antacid suspensions- Aluminum hydroxide gel

  1. Formulation of semisolids and evaluation by assay

a. Salicyclic acid and benzoic acid ointment
b. Gel formulation Diclofenac gel

  1. Cosmetic preparations

a. Lipsticks
b. Cold cream and vanishing cream
c. Clear liquid shampoo
d. Toothpaste and tooth powders.

  1. Tablet coating (demonstration)

Third Year Pharm D Subjects

3.2Pharmaceutical Analysis
3.4Pharmaceutical  Jurisprudence
3.5Medicinal Chemistry
3.6Pharmaceutical  Formulations

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