BP108P Pharmaceutical Analysis Practical

BP108P Pharmaceutical Analysis Practical syllabus

I Limit Test of the following
(1) Chloride
(2) Sulphate
(3) Iron
(4) Arsenic

II Preparation and standardization of
(1) Sodium hydroxide
(2) Sulphuric acid
(3) Sodium thiosulfate
(4) Potassium permanganate
(5) Ceric ammonium sulphate

III Assay of the following compounds along with Standardization of Titrant
(1) Ammonium chloride by acid base titration
(2) Ferrous sulphate by Cerimetry
(3) Copper sulphate by Iodometry
(4) Calcium gluconate by complexometry
(5) Hydrogen peroxide by Permanganometry
(6) Sodium benzoate by non-aqueous titration
(7) Sodium Chloride by precipitation titration

IV Determination of Normality by electro-analytical methods
(1) Conductometric titration of strong acid against strong base
(2) Conductometric titration of strong acid and weak acid against strong base
(3) Potentiometric titration of strong acid against strong base

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  4. Bentley and Driver’s Textbook of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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  6. Indian Pharmacopoeia.