Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab I MU BPH_C_308_L

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab I

NOTE: For all the experiments, Indian Pharmacopoeia 2014/ latest edition has to be referred.


No. Details
Acid-Base titrations:
1. Assay of Aspirin (with special emphasis on the test for salicylic acid).
2. Assay of Aspirin tablets
3. Estimation of Total alkalinity in a solution of Sodium Hydroxide
4. Assay of Benzoic acid
Redox titrations:
5. Assay of hydrogen peroxide solution (Permanganometry).
6. Assay of Ascorbic acid tablets (Iodimetry).
7. Assay of Sodium metabisulphite (Iodometry)
8. Assay of potassium permanganate (Iodometry)
9. Assay of Dried Ferrous sulphate/ Ferrous fumarate/ Paracetamol (Cerimetry).
10. Assay of Potassium iodide (Iodate titration)
Complexometric titrations:
11. Assay of Calcium gluconate.
12. Assay of Zinc sulphate.
13. Assay of Magnesium sulphate.
Miscellaneous titrations:

14. Assay of Sulphacetamide sodium using external indicator.
15. Assay of Soluble Aspirin tablets (Solvent extraction followed by Bromometry-iodometry
Gravimetric analysis:
16. Ni2+ using Dimethyl glyoxime/ Al3+ as Aluminium oxinate.
17. Ba2+ as barium sulphate
Introduction to the study of monograph:
18. Monograph of ascorbic acid tablets/ Calcium gluconate
Demonstration titrations:
19. Assay of Pyridoxine hydrochloride/ Sodium benzoate using non-aqueous titration method
20. Assay of Sodium chloride
21. Assay of Potassium chloride


  1. Indian Pharmacopoeia, 2014 or latest edition.
  2. Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry by Beckett, A H & Stenlake, J B, 2005, 4thedition, Part I and II, CBS Publishers and Distributors, India.
  3. Analytical Chemistry by Gary D. Christian, 6thedition, John Wiley & Sons, Singapore.
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  5. Pharmaceutical Analysis –A Textbook for Pharmacy Students and Pharmaceutical Chemists by David G Watson.
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