Pharm D Syllabus

Pharm D Syllabus

First Year Pharm D

1.1 Human Anatomy and Physiology
1.2 Pharmaceutics
1.3 Medicinal Biochemistry
1.4 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
1.5 Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
1.6 Remedial Mathematics/ Biology

Second Year Pharm D

2.1 Pathophysiology
2.2 Pharmaceutical Microbiology
2.3 Pharmacognosy & Phytopharmaceuticals
2.4 Pharmacology-I
2.5 Community Pharmacy
2.6 Pharmacotherapeutics-I

Third Year Pharm D

3.1 Pharmacology-II
3.2 Pharmaceutical Analysis
3.3 Pharmacotherapeutics-II
3.4 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
3.5 Medicinal Chemistry
3.6 Pharmaceutical Formulations

Fourth Year Pharm D

4.1 Pharmacotherapeutics-III
4.2 Hospital Pharmacy
4.3 Clinical Pharmacy
4.4 Biostatistics & Research Methodology
4.5 Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
4.6 Clinical Toxicology

Fifth Year Pharm D

5.1 Clinical Research
5.2 Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics
5.3 Clinical Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacotherapeutic Drug Monitoring
5.4 Clerkship
5.5 Project work (Six Months)

Sixth Year Pharm D

Internship or residency training including postings in specialty units. Student should
independently provide the clinical pharmacy services to the allotted wards.
(i) Six months in General Medicine department, and
(ii) Two months each in three other specialty departments

About Pharm D Course

Doctor of Pharmacy.” it is the professional pharmacy doctoral program. In India, it’s a complete six years program after 10+2 or D. Pharm which incorporates five years of educational study and one year of internship. it’s slightly different than M. Pharm (Pharmacy Practice)

The academic study includes an equivalent subject like B. Pharm, additionally, the pharmacy practice components are emphasized like Hospital Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapeutics, Clinical Pharmacy, Biostatistics, and Research Methodology, Clinical Toxicology, Clinical Research, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacotherapeutic Drug Monitoring. Further to feature, within the fifth year of the course the candidate has got to perform project work for 6 months. Pharm D (post-baccalaureate) may be a three-year course that incorporates two years of academics and one-year internship after B.Pharm

As we all know it’s a newly launched curriculum in India, it’ll take time to urge it well established. Pharm D candidates got to exerting and obtain recognition within the society for patient-care by clinical pharmacy services. they need to make a rapport with other healthcare providers like physicians, nurses, and also with patients. Pharm D candidates need to generate the necessity of clinical pharmacy services within the society and prove their importance.

As the Pharm D is usually a patient-centered curriculum, therefore, patients are going to be benefited the foremost. The patients would be ready to know all the knowledge about their disease, drugs, and lifestyle modifications for the disease in the future which might definitely increase the prognosis of the patients. The clinical pharmacy services would also minimize the workload of physicians from their busy schedules also because it might decrease the load on the Indian healthcare system.

In summary, it is often expected that Pharmacists, i.e., Pharm D would play a serious role in the Indian health care system in the future. This course will give a chance to pharmacists to figure more prominently in the Indian health care system.

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