PatientSafe Conference, Mumbai, June 28, 2016



PatientSafe is the title of the annual event organized as a part of the industry initiative on tackling Drug Counterfeiting. The initiative is being planned by OPPI with the support of affiliate associations like IDMA, IPA, IMA and AIOCD and is being facilitated by SynCore Consulting. The aim of the initiative is to ensure patient safety by addressing the challenge of drug counterfeiting through programs such as trade meets, round tables and conferences. The initiative aims to bring together the different stakeholders on a common platform to enable discussions, sharing of insights, best practices and strategies to tackle the drug counterfeit challenge.

About the Conference:

With the rapid growth of the Indian Pharmaceutical industry, drug counterfeiting has emerged as a significant problem for all stakeholders. This menace causes severe health hazards to the Indian patients while devaluing the brand credibility and reducing the trust on the pharmaceutical industry. As a part of the nationwide campaign against drug counterfeiting, PatientSafe India, a one-day conference on addressing the Counterfeit Challenge, is being organized at Mumbai. This conference will be facilitated by SynCore Consulting with the active collaboration of all the industry associations, regulators, trade bodies and consumer groups. The event is scheduled on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at Courtyard Marriott, Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai. The theme of the conference is to deliberate on the various aspects of drug counterfeiting and suggest creative ways to raise awareness and devise strategies for curbing the practice of drug counterfeiting. The conference will be marked by the presence of eminent speakers from different segments of the pharmaceutical ecosystem. Senior representatives from OPPI, AIOCD, IMA, IPA, IDMA, FDA and various Government Agencies, Directors of Policies and Government affairs and senior management professionals from the industry shall share their insights on tackling the challenge of drug counterfeiting. The delegates from different segments of the pharmaceutical industry will mark their presence in this event. Delegates from various Drug packaging and labelling companies, Drug regulatory agencies, Security and risk management companies and formulation pharmaceutical manufacturers will mark their presence in this event.


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Team Pharmacy Infoline


Team Pharmacy Infoline

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