May 19, 2024

Paracetamol Tablet Pharmaceutics Lab Manual PDF

Paracetamol Tablet Pharmaceutics Lab Manual PDF

  • Aim: To Prepare, Evaluate and Submit Paracetamol Tablet
  • Requirements:
  • Chemicals: Paracetamol, Lactose, Starch, Starch Paste, Talc, Magnesium Stearate

Apparatus: Mortar and Pestle, Sieves, Dryer, Single Punch Tablet Machine, Beaker, Measuring Cylinder, Water Bath

  • Theory:

Paracetamol has analgesic and antipyretic. Paracetamol is readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Paracetamol is categorized under BCS Classification II. It provides greatest dose precision and least content variability. Inert materials employed in addition to active ingredients are lactose, starch and starch paste are used as diluent, disintegrating agent and binder respectively.


  1. Accurately weigh all the ingredients.
  2. Separately pass Paracetamol, Lactose and Starch through sieve no. 60.
  3. Add Paracetamol, Lactose and starch by ascending order in mortar pestle and triturate to produce uniform blend.
  4. Then add starch paste in above blend and mix well to produce coherent mass.
  5. Pass coherent mass through sieve no. 10 and dry the granules at 60°C for 1 Hour.
  6. Then place butter paper at bottom and arrange sieve no. 22 and 44 by ascending order.
  7. Then pass the dried granules through sieve no. 22 below which sieve no. 44 is kept.
  8. The granules retained on sieve no. 44 are the desired granules and powder which pass through sieve no. 44 are fines retained on butter paper.
  9. Weigh the granules and calculate the amount of 10% fine powder of granule, 5% starch,1% Talc and 1% Magnesium stearate. Then add the same in granules and prepare uniform mixture.
  10. The granules are ready for compression and can be compressed in to tablets.
  11. Then pack in to suitable container, label and submit.
  • Category: Analgesic, Antipyretic.
  • Dose: As directed by physician.

Storage: It should be stored in Cool and dry place. They are usually dispensed in strip.

  • Precautions: Over dose of paracetamol damage liver. Keep away from children.
  • Definitions:

O Analgesic: Analgesics are the agents which relieves pain without loss of consciousness.

O Antipyretics: Antipyretics are the agents which helps to reduce elevated body temperature (fever).

O Bulking Agents: Bulking agents are also called as fillers or diluents. These agents are used to fill the bulk of formulation. Fillers are often used in tablets or capsules because the amount of active drug is too small to be handled conveniently.

O Binder: Binder is a substance used to make other substances or materials stick or mix together.

O Disintegrating Agent/ Disintegrant: A disintegrant is an agent used in the formulation of tablets which causes them to disintegrate and release their medicinal substances on contact with moisture.

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