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Noise pollution

Noise pollution

Chapter 2 Social Pharmacy Notes 2.1 Demography and Family Planning, 2.2 Mother and child health, 2.3 Importance of breastfeeding, 2.4 Ill effects of infant milk substitutes and bottle feeding 2.5 Overview of Vaccines, 2.6 Types of immunity 2.7 Immunization 2.8 Effect of Environment on Health 2.8.1 Water pollution Importance of safe drinking water, waterborne diseases 2.8.2 Air pollution 2.8.3 Noise pollution 2.8.4 Sewage and solid waste disposal 2.8.5 Occupational illnesses 2.8.6 Environmental pollution due to pharmaceuticals 2.8.7 Psychosocial Pharmacy: Drugs of misuse and abuse – psychotropics, narcotics, alcohol, tobacco products.

NOISE definition:                                                                        

It is defined as an unacceptable sound (not pleasant) to hear or as the wrong sound at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

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Effects of noise pollution: 

  1. Whistling and buzzing sounds in the ear.
  2. Feeling  of fatigue 
  3. Temporary hearing loss which may lead to deafness.
  1. Difficulty in concentration. 
  2. Annoyance. 
  3. Decreased efficiency.
  4. Speech interferences due to industrial noise, road traffic and air traffic.
  5. Physiological changes as: -Headache, Hypertension, Increased heart rate, Sweating, Nausea, Giddiness, and Sleep Disturbances.
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Prevention and Control of noise pollution: 

  1. Control of noise at source : It can be achieved by segregating noisy machines and, by using mufflers or other noise reducers to machines. 
  1. Control of transmission : This can be achieved by building enclosures and covering walls with sound absorbing material .
  1. Protection of exposed persons: it is recommended for all workers who are consistently exposed to noise louder than 85 Db in the frequency band above 150 Hz. Periodical audiograms checkups , use of ear plugs , ear muffs are also essential.  
  1. Education : Education of people through available media is required to highlight the importance of noise as a community hazard.
  1. Legislation: laws to restrict the use of loud speakers etc. can prevent noise pollution.

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