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Mumps Disease, Virus Name, Symptoms, Epidemiology


Mumps can be found all around the world. In different places, cases rise at different times of the year. Cases peak in the winter and spring in temperate areas, although there is no seasonality in tropical climates.

Mumps cases range from 100 to 1,000 per 100,000 individuals per year in the absence of vaccination, implying that 0.1 percent to 1.0 percent of the population is infected each year. Every 2-5 years, the number of cases surges, with the frequency peaking in children aged 5 to 9. Mumps outbreaks are prevalent, even though infection rates appear to be the same in boys and females. In crowded places where the virus can quickly travel from person to person, such as schools, military barracks, and sports clubs, epidemics are common.

The occurrence of mumps has decreased considerably since vaccinations were introduced. Age, exposure to a person who has the mumps, weakened immunity, time of year, travel history, and vaccination status are all risk factors.

Causative agent: 

Mumps is a disease caused by?

Myxovirus parotiditis: An RNA Virus

Signs and symptoms

What are the signs or symptoms of mumps?

Earache followed by swelling and tenderness of one or both the parotid gland but may involve sublingual and submandibular gland

Incubation period:

What is the incubation period for Mumps virus?

2-3 weeks (18 days)

Mode of Transmission:

Mumps caused by?

Directly person to person mainly by droplet infection

Prevention and Control

1. Children should be immunized against Mumps either through individual mumps vaccine or through combination vaccines such as the MMR vaccine.

 2. Isolate the patient till clinical manifestation subsides.

What is the mumps meaning in hindi?

गलगण्ड रोग (अंग्रेज़ी: ”, पैरोटाइटिस’ मम्प्स ‘ के रूप में भी जाना जाता है) एक विकट विषाणुजनित रोग है जो पैरोटिड ग्रंथि को कष्टदायक रूप से बड़ा कर देती है। ये ग्रंथियां आगे तथा कान के नीचे स्थित होती हैं तथा लार एवं थूक का उत्पादन करती हैं। Ref: Wikipedia

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