Mathematics and Statistics MU BPH_C_406_T

Mathematics and Statistics

No. Details Hours
1 Calculus: Differentiation 5
Introductions, Derivative of a function, Derivative of a constant, constant and a function, sum or
difference of two functions, product/quotient of two functions(product/quotient
formula),Derivative of   w.r.t x,,   , Successive differentiation, Lagrange’s and Rolle’s
Mean Value Theorems(Statements only), Taylors and Maclaurins Series with application.
2 Analytical Geometry: Integration 5
Definition, standard formulas, rules of integration, method of substitution, integration by parts,
definite integration, Application(determination of the length of the curve, area and volume)
3 Differential Equations 4
Formation of differential equations, solution of first-order and first-degree equation, linear
differential equations of higher order with constant coefficients.
4 Determinants and Matrices 4
Properties of determinants and application of Cramers method, types of matrices, inverse of
matrix, rank of matrix.
5 Measurement of Central Tendency 4
Arithmetic Mean, median and mode
6 Measures of Dispersion 7
Range, quartile deviation, mean deviation and standard deviation, coefficient of variation,
probability, Binomial, Poisson and Normal distribution, Fitting of curves by the method of least
squares{Y= a + bX, Y=   , Y=   }
7 Sampling distribution for mean and proportion 7
Test of hypothesis for specified values of mean and proportion for large samples, Testing
equality of two means and proportions, Students “t” test for single sample and paired
observation, F-test and analysis of variance, testing of attributes, Chi-square distribution.
Total 36


Latest editions to be adopted

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  2. Mathematics for Pharmacy Students (Vol.II), Gujar K. N., Bhavale Ashok, Career Publication.
  3. Fundamentals of Statistics, Gupta S.C., Himalaya Publication.
  4. Integral Calculus, Shanti Narayan, S. Chand Publication.
  5. Differential Calculus, Shanti Narayan, S. Chand Publication.
  6. Textbook of Applied Mathematics, Vols. I and II, Warlikar, P. N., Pune Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan.
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