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Interferon Interleukin production rDNA technology notes

Interferon Interleukin production rDNA technology notes

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  1. Recombinant human interleukin is known as antiviral proteins (interferon).
  2. Interferon is a protein produced by human cells in response to an antigen.
  3. The human cells respond to the antigen by producing antibodies which are proteins made up of 165 amino acids.
  4. In immuno-compromised patients, these antibodies cannot be produced so vaccination is required.
  5. Interferon is a non-glycosylated protein.
  6. It does not require post-translational modification.
  7. The production is done by affinity chromatography.
  8. Murine monoclonal antibodies (protein) specific to the interferon are used


  • The interferon gene is isolated from human DNA.
  • It is placed in the plasmid pUC13.
  • Then plasmid is placed into the host i.e. E.coli.


  • Murine monoclonal antibody is fixed in glass column.
  • The E.coli culture containing the interferon, after lysis of cell wall is poured into the column.
  • The interferon binds to murine monoclonal antibody and in this way other component of E.coli will be separated from interferon.
  • The interferon molecules are washed from the column by using buffers and suitable formulation is prepared.
Production of Interferon

Reference: SIMPLIFIED CONCEPTS OF BIOTECHNOLOGY By, Dr. Pramod Kadu & Ms. Suchita Vishwakarma

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