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Insulin hypoglycemic effect in the rabbit: Pharmacology III Practical

Insulin hypoglycemic effect in the rabbit: Pharmacology III Practical


To determine the insulin hypoglycemic effect in rabbits.

Animal required:

Healthy rabbits weighing 1800-3000gms.

Drugs :

20 units of insulin preparation. One unit contains 0.04082mg of insulin.


Normal saline, HCL, 0.5% phenol, 1.4-1.8% glycerin.


Select healthy rabbits weighing 1800-3000gems for the study. They should be maintained on a uniform diet for 7 days. Fast the animals for 18hrs with no access to water before starting the procedure. Select three animals for the study and inject 1 unit/ml of insulin.

Prepare drug solution freshly. Weigh 20 units of insulin accurately and dissolve it in normal saline. Acidify the solution by using HCL to pH 2.5. Add 0.5% of phenol as a preservative and 1.4-1.8% of glycerin and make the final volume to 20% unit/ml of solution.

Withdraw 2ml of blood from the marginal ear vein of each rabbit and estimate blood glucose level by using a suitable biochemical method and the concentration of glucose can be noted down an initial blood glucose level. Then injection (1 unit/ml) to the animals and check the blood sugar level for up to 5 hours at the interval of 1 hour each and determine blood glucose levels as finding blood glucose levels.


The mean percentage decrease of blood glucose levels at different time intervals determines the effect of insulin.

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BP501T Medicinal Chemistry II TheoryBP601T Medicinal Chemistry III Theory
BP502T Industrial Pharmacy TheoryBP602T Pharmacology III Theory
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BP504T Pharmacognosy II TheoryBP604T Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Theory
BP505T Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence TheoryBP605T Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – Theory
BP506P Industrial Pharmacy I PracticalBP606T Quality Assurance Theory
BP507P Pharmacology II PracticalBP607P Medicinal chemistry III Practical
BP508P Pharmacognosy II PracticalBP608P Pharmacology III Practical
BP609P Herbal Drug Technology Practical

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