May 19, 2024

506P Industrial Pharmacy I Practical

Industrial Pharmacy I Practical

Industrial Pharmacy I Practical

  1. Preformulation studies on paracetamol/aspirin/or any other drug
  2. Preparation and evaluation of Paracetamol tablets
  3. Preparation and evaluation of Aspirin tablets
  4. Coating of tablets- film coating of tables/granules
  5. Preparation and evaluation of Tetracycline capsules
  6. Preparation of Calcium Gluconate injection
  7. Preparation of Ascorbic Acid injection
  8. Quality control test of (as per IP) marketed tablets and capsules
  9. Preparation of Eye drops/ and Eye ointments
  10. Preparation of Creams (cold / vanishing cream)
  11. Evaluation of Glass containers (as per IP)

Recommended Books: (Latest Editions)

  1. Pharmaceutical dosage forms – Tablets, volume 1 -3 by H.A. Liberman, Leon Lachman &J.B.Schwartz
  2. Pharmaceutical dosage form – Parenteral medication vol- 1&2 by Liberman & Lachman
  3. Pharmaceutical dosage form disperse system VOL-1 by Liberman & Lachman
  4. Modern Pharmaceutics by Gilbert S. Banker & C.T. Rhodes, 3rd Edition
  5. Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy, 20th edition Pharmaceutical Science (RPS)
  6. Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy by Liberman & Lachman
  7. Pharmaceutics- The science of dosage form design by M.E.Aulton, Churchill livingstone, Latest edition
  8. Introduction to Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms by H. C.Ansel, Lea &Febiger, Philadelphia, 5thedition, 2005
  9. Drug stability – Principles and practice by Cartensen & C.J. Rhodes, 3rd Edition, Marcel Dekker Series, Vol 107.

Third Year B Pharm Notes, Syllabus, Books, PDF Subjectwise/Topicwise

T Y B Pharm Sem VT Y B Pharm Sem VI
BP501T Medicinal Chemistry II TheoryBP601T Medicinal Chemistry III Theory
BP502T Industrial Pharmacy TheoryBP602T Pharmacology III Theory
BP503T Pharmacology II TheoryBP603T Herbal Drug Technology Theory
BP504T Pharmacognosy II TheoryBP604T Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Theory
BP505T Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence TheoryBP605T Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – Theory
BP506P Industrial Pharmacy I PracticalBP606T Quality Assurance Theory
BP507P Pharmacology II PracticalBP607P Medicinal chemistry III Practical
BP508P Pharmacognosy II PracticalBP608P Pharmacology III Practical
BP609P Herbal Drug Technology Practical

Recommended readings:

  • Paramedics on the Front Line: Recognizing and Responding to Myocardial Infarction

  • Pre-eclampsia and Screening: Identifying Risks for a Healthier Pregnancy

  • Exploring Sugar Substitutes like Neotame, Aspartame, and Saccharin