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Immunization Definition Schedule Social Pharmacy Notes PDF

Immunization: Definition, Schedule Social Pharmacy Notes PDF

Chapter 2 Social Pharmacy Notes 2.1 Demography and Family Planning, 2.2 Mother and child health, 2.3 Importance of breastfeeding, 2.4 Ill effects of infant milk substitutes and bottle feeding 2.5 Overview of Vaccines, 2.6 Types of immunity 2.7 Immunization 2.8 Effect of Environment on Health 2.8.1 Water pollution Importance of safe drinking water, waterborne diseases 2.8.2 Air pollution 2.8.3 Noise pollution 2.8.4 Sewage and solid waste disposal 2.8.5 Occupational illnesses 2.8.6 Environmental pollution due to pharmaceuticals 2.8.7 Psychosocial Pharmacy: Drugs of misuse and abuse – psychotropics, narcotics, alcohol, tobacco products.

What is immunization?

Immunization is the process of protecting a large number of populations by producing immunity or resistance in the body by means of immunological agents (vaccines).
It is defined as the production of resistance in the body by means of immunological agents

National Immunization schedule: 

Each country has its own immunization schedule based on its local needs. Indian schedule gives protection for children against six vaccine-preventable diseases. i.e. Diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, TB, measles.

Beneficiaries Age Vaccine No. of doses and route of administration.
Infants 6 weeks to9 months
Polio (OPV)
3 intramuscular (IM) 
3 oral
1 intradermal (ID)
9 to 12 monthsMeaslesSubcutaneous (SC)
Children16 to 24 months

5-6 years

10 years

16 years
DPT (I booster) Polio (I booster)

DT (II booster)


Tetanus toxoid 

Tetanus toxoid 
1 intramuscular (IM)1 oral

1 intramuscular, (Two doses if not immunized previously)

2 subcutaneous. (SC) 

1 intramuscular (IM)
1 subcutaneous (SC) 

1 intramuscular (IM)
1 subcutaneous (SC) 
Pregnant women16 to 36 weeks of pregnancy
Tetanus toxoid2 intramuscular (IM)

Immunization schedule for the children Age Immunization 
10-15 daysOral polio and BCG 
26th week DPT and Oral polio 
310th week DPT and Oral polio 
414th week DPT and Oral polio 
59th month  Measles vaccine 
618th month Booster dose of DPT, Booster dose of oral polio.
75 years DT and Typhoid 
810 years Tetanus toxoid and typhoid 

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