July 19, 2024

Integrated disease surveillance program (IDSP)

Integrated disease surveillance program (IDSP)

The Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) is a national health program in India that was launched in 2004. The program aims to establish a decentralized, state-based disease surveillance system to detect and respond to disease outbreaks in a timely and effective manner.

The objectives of the IDSP include:

  1. To strengthen the surveillance of communicable and non-communicable diseases in India.
  2. To establish a decentralized, state-based surveillance system.
  3. To provide timely and effective response to outbreaks of diseases.
  4. To improve the capacity of health systems to respond to public health emergencies.

The IDSP operates at three levels: the state, district, and block levels. At the state level, the program is managed by the State Surveillance Unit (SSU). The district level is managed by the District Surveillance Unit (DSU), while the block level is managed by the Block Surveillance Unit (BSU).

The functioning of the IDSP involves various activities such as case reporting, outbreak investigations, data analysis, and capacity building of health workers. The program also involves the use of technology such as mobile applications and web portals to improve the speed and accuracy of disease reporting and response.

The outcomes of the IDSP have been mixed. The program has contributed to the detection and control of several disease outbreaks such as H1N1 influenza, cholera, and dengue. It has also improved the quality of disease surveillance and reporting in India. However, there have been some challenges such as inadequate resources, poor quality of data, and lack of coordination among different levels of the health system. Nonetheless, the IDSP remains an important national health program in India and efforts are ongoing to address its challenges and improve its outcomes.

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Final Year B Pharm Sem VIIBP701T Instrumental Methods of Analysis Theory
BP702T Industrial Pharmacy TheoryBP703T Pharmacy Practice Theory
BP704T Novel Drug Delivery System TheoryBP705 P Instrumental Methods of Analysis Practical
Final Year B Pharm Sem VIIBP801T Biostatistics and Research Methodology Theory
BP802T Social and Preventive Pharmacy TheoryBP803ET Pharmaceutical Marketing Theory
BP804ET Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science TheoryBP805ET Pharmacovigilance Theory
BP806ET Quality Control and Standardization of Herbals TheoryBP807ET Computer-Aided Drug Design Theory
BP808ET Cell and Molecular Biology TheoryBP809ET Cosmetic Science Theory
BP810ET Experimental Pharmacology TheoryBP811ET Advanced Instrumentation Techniques Theory
BP812ET Dietary supplements and NutraceuticalsPharmaceutical Product Development

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