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Identification Test for Albumin: Biochemistry Practical, Lab Manual

IdentificationTest for Albumin: Biochemistry Practical, Lab Manual

BP209P Biochemistry Practical / B Pharmacy Syllabus and Notes

1XANTHOPROTEIN TEST: To 3ml of protein solution add 1ml conc. nitric acid boil for about half a minute. Cool and observe the yellow colour. Now, add 2ml of conc. ammonia or 40% sodium hydroxide and observe the change in colour after the addition of alkali.yellow colour is appearsPresence of aromatic amino acid.
2MILLON’S TEST: To 1ml of protein solution add 1ml of 10% mercuric nitrate (prepared in 10% sulphuric acid). Boil gently for half a minute. Cool and add 3 drops of 1% solution of sodium nitrate. Mix and observe.The          red          colour precipitate is obtainedPresence of tyrosine in a solution
3SULPHUR TEST: To 3ml of protein solution add an equal volume of 40% sodium hydroxide and boil for 3 minutes. Cool and then add 1ml of lead acetate solution.No dark grey or black precipitate is obtained.Absence of sulphur-containing amino acid cysteine and cystine. Methionine does not answer this test due to the presence of thioether linkage which does not allow the release of sulphur in this reaction.
4HELLER’S TEST: Take 3ml of con. nitric acid and add 2ml of urine along the sides of the test tube.A white ring of meta proteins appears at the junction of the fluids.Presence of proteins like albumin & globulins.
5PRECIPITATION BY NEUTRAL SALT: HALF SATURATION: Take 3ml of protein solution in a test tube; add an equal volume of saturated ammonium sulphate solution to it, mixed and allowed to stand. FULL SATURATION: Take 3ml of protein solution, add ammonium sulphate salt to it and keep on adding and at the same time mix till protein solution become saturated.No white precipitate is formed.               White precipitate is formed.Absence of     Globulin, Casein.                 Presence of Albumin


The given sample was found to be Albumin.

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