Hospital Pharmacy and Drug Store Management MU BPH_C_204_T

Hospital Pharmacy and Drug Store Management

No. unit (HOURS)
1 1.1 Hospitals: Definition, Organization Structure, Classification, 2
1.2 Hospital Pharmacy: Definition, Organization structure, Location, Layout and staff 2
requirements and responsibilities and functions of hospital pharmacists.
1.3 Budget of Hospital Pharmacy: Preparation and Implementation 2
2. 2.1 Drug Distribution Systems in Hospitals: Dispensing of drugs to inpatients, types of 4
drug distribution systems, charging policy and labeling, Dispensing of drugs to
ambulatory patients, and Dispensing of Controlled Substances including Hospital
Control Procedures
3 3.1 Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (PTC): Objective, composition, Functions, 3
Role of PTC in Drug Safety, Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring and Emergency
Drug Lists.
4 4.1 Hospital formulary: Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages, contents of hospital 3
formulary, Differentiation of hospital formulary and Drug list, Preparation and
revision, and addition and deletion of drug from hospital formulary.
Medication errors and ASHP Guidelines to prevent errors, Infection control in
4.2 hospitals (Self Study) 2
5 5.1 Drug Utilization Review(Self Study) 2
5.2 Safe Use of Medications in Hospitals(Self Study) 2
5.3 Handling of radiopharmaceuticals in hospitals 2
6 Central Sterile Supply Services
6.1 Introduction to sterilization, basic techniques used for sterilization of hospital 2
6.2 Advantages, Plan, Location, Layout 4
6.3 Sterilization of surgical dressings – methods of packing, loading and prevention of
wetting of dressings. Sterilization of rubber gloves, syringes, needles, catheters,
tubing, surgical instruments, mattresses, utensils and bedpans and other accessories
Manufacturing and Bulk compounding of large volume parenterals, Total
6.4 Parenteral Nutrition and Intravenous additives. 2
7 7.1 Planning of retail pharmacy and entrepreneurship 2
7.2 (Self-study) Forms of Business Organization: Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Hindu 2
Undivided Family, Joint Stock Company and Co-operative Society
7.3 Channels of Distribution for Pharmaceuticals: Wholesaler, Retailer 1
8 Setting Up and management of a Drug Store-
8.1 Legal Aspects and Registrations 2
8.2 Selection of site, Space layout, Location Analysis and Layout design and staff 2
8.3 Materials- Coding, stocking, maintenance of various registers, 1
8.4 Use of Computers: Business and health care soft wares 1
8.5 Sales promotion and window display 2
9 Purchasing and Inventory control in drug store:
9.1 Purchasing procedure in retail trade 1
9.2 Definition of inventory control, various methods of Inventory Control ( Want Book, 1
Systematic Want Book, Open to Buy budgeting, ABC,VED, EOQ analysis),
10 10.1 Risk management, Insurance policies and Frauds in retail practice 1



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