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Viral Hepatitis symptoms, Prevention, Control Social Pharmacy Notes

Viral Hepatitis symptoms, Prevention, Control Social Pharmacy Notes

Causative agent:

It is also known as infectious hepatitis. Hepatitis A is caused by the hepatitis A virus and Hepatitis –B is caused by Hepatitis- B virus.

Mode of Transmission:

1. Fecal-oral route is the major route of transmission,

2. Contaminated food, water, milk.

3. Flies (bloodsucking arthropods) may also transmit the disease.

4. Homosexuality

5. Contaminated syringes and needles, during blood transfusion, tattooing especially in case of    


6. through placental transfer in case of hepatitis –B

7. HBV can also transmit through sexual contact or by kissing.


In 90% of cases there are no symptoms. About 8% show mild illness and 1-2% suffer

from major illness when the virus attacks CNS and produces varying degrees of


Fever, chills, headache, weakness and jaundice

Prevention & Control:

  1. Proper disposal of excreta and proper disinfection of fomites.
  2. Prevention of contamination of food and milk as well.
  3. Protection of water sources and supply of safe drinking water.
  4. Passive immunization with human normal immunoglobulin.
  5. Immunization with HBV vaccine. 
  6. (HBIg) Hepatitis –B Immunoglobulin should be given immediately to the persons who are exposed to Hepatitis –B virus.e.g. Doctors, nurses, attendants.
  7. Simultaneous administration of HBV and HBIg is considered superior.
  8. Anti –fly measures should be taken.
  9. Proper sterilization of needles and syringes.

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